Track Your Activity Easily with the FitBit One {Review}


I’ve noticed that whenever I do well with weight loss, it’s thanks to tracking. Normally, I succeed by tracking what I eat- it always surprises me how quickly little bites of things add up that I often forget I’ve even taken. So since that always helps, I decided to literally step it up & try … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: BlenderBottle


As you know, I’m currently on the Nutrisystem plan. One of the major parts of the plan is a daily protein shake, every morning. Now, half of my mornings I am rushing out the door to get to work and if I had to make my shakes in a big blender, I wouldn’t drink them. At all. But my Welcome Kit for … [Read more...]

Week Three Weigh-In! #NSNation


So, as you know, I went out of town this week. I spent two days in beautiful Hermosa Beach, CA at the Toyota Headquarters learning about their brand and lots of other amazing things I’ll be sure to share with you this week. But there was one downside: I wasn’t able to keep to my Nutrisystem plan! I … [Read more...]

Getting Kids to Exercise

kids exercising

I would guess that, sometime around the invention of radio, the first mommy started to fret that her little ones were spending too much on the couch or in their bunk beds laying being passively entertained by some sort of electronic babysitter or other. Indeed, while computers and the Internet may … [Read more...]