IMI!M: Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner!

Happy Monday everyone! After a short hiatus last week {Darn Valentine’s Day!}, I Made It! Monday {IMI!M} is back in full swing! A couple of weeks ago I shared my free printable grocery list & it was a huge hit! So this week in an ongoing effort to get organized I made a Weekly Meal Planner! &This time I made two versions- a snazzy, colorful one & a plain ol’ black & white one {to save on ink}. Check them both out below!

weekly meal plan- black&white

weekly meal plan- color

Now it’s your turn to link up something you’ve made! Remember, it can be a craft, a recipe, whatever you want- as long as you made it! It can have a tutorial or not &it can be from whenever, not just this week. So link up & enjoy!

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Made It Monday: How to Make Dirt Pie!

So, I know that it’s just barely Monday- but I’m on Pacific time and Shane let me sleep in this morning, so I never got time to post this. Until now, 11:10pm on Monday.

Well, this Made It Monday thing is off to a GREAT start!

So anyway I had a lot of great feedback from my Wordless Wednesday post from last week & from others on facebook wanting to know what exactly “dirt pie” is. So, since I recently discovered it myself & am therefore now addicted to it, I decided to make it again & show you how it’s done!

How to:

Step 1: Set aside 6 Oreos with the filling scraped out. Crush the rest into itty, bitty pieces. I used the Quick Chef {my new BFF} from Tupperware & ground up a whole package in maybe two minutes. You could also use the ol’ “put in a Ziploc bag and beat the heck out of them” method. Up to you. Either way, set aside.

Step 2:
Mix vanilla pudding using only 1 & a half cups of milk {the recipe on the box of pudding says to use 2 cups. Don’t.} and pour into your bowl. I used the Quick Shake from Tupperware because I’m lazy & I like it.

Step 3: Mix the entire containers of Cool Whip & cream cheeseĀ in with the pudding. Mix it up really good!

Step 4: Mix the crushed up Oreos in with everything else! It looks good already- just like cookies & cream ice cream! {My total fav.}

Step 5: Scoop some into a clear cup or glass and crunch up one of the Oreos you left out to top it off with some more “dirt”.

Step 6: Add some worms to up the “yuck” factor!

Step 7: Dig in! {shovel not included.}

So there’s the recipe for my new favorite food! Please come back & let me know if you try it!

Did you make something you’d like to share? It doesn’t have to include a tutorial, but of course that would be great!! In either case, feel free to link to the post below!

{Please note: Please make sure you link to the specific post- any links that go to a main page will be deleted & the author will be reminded to fix it- I want to see the post you are trying to share but don’t have the time to dig through your archives. Thanks!}

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