Lumnique Candles: A Truly Personalized Gift! {Giveaway}

At any given time, my home does NOT look like the cover of a magazine. It looks lived in, because it is. One thing that I will say about it though: it always smells good. I love candles & home fragrance items and while I don’t light the candles often, I like setting them out because even when they aren’t lit, they can make a space smell pretty. The problem? They don’t always look pretty.

My favorite scents are strawberry & cranberry. You know what those two have in common? They’re red. You know what isn’t red? My house. I tend to find creative places to hide my candles so that they can still make the house smell good, but they won’t be a total eye sore since they don’t match anything in my house. However, I finally found a much, much better solution!

red candle

Lumnique candles are truly customizable- you can choose everything from the purpose of it, the color and of course, the scent. &It’s easy to make your own- you just go to their website and there’s a step by step process that allows you to do it in five easy steps: intention, color, fragrance, gift set, personalize.

personalized candle making

We’re in the slow, slow process of decorating our home office & have plans to paint the walls light grey. A bright red candle, which is usually the only option for strawberry scents, wouldn’t really match what we’re going for. But I had all of these to choose from:

personalized candle color options

I ended up choosing “Silver Lining” {which is an awesome name} and was so excited to see what it’d look like in person! Luckily, shipping was very fast, which surprised me since the item is obviously custom-made. In fact, they have guaranteed next business day shipping! {Meaning they ship it out within one business day- it doesn’t arrive the next day.}

Personalized Candle

My candle turned out beautifully & it passed the true test- the fragrance! After all, the main reason to have a candle is for it to smell good and it definitely does. It doesn’t have that “fake” smell that some candles have and leaving it open on our desk makes the whole area smell like strawberries. &I don’t even have to find a spot to hide it!

It was so fun creating my own because I was able to make choices that made it special to me. I chose Courage as my intention because I have struggled with anxiety for years & constantly remind myself to have courage. This is now a visual reminder of that, and I smile when I look at it next to my computer.

Personalized Candle Gift
These candles would make a great birthday, holiday, or even wedding gift. They allow you to really personalize your gift to your recipient and just about everyone loves candles so you really can’t go wrong. &It even comes with a certificate of personalization that tells your recipient more about your choices!

Buy It: You can personalize your own candle set {$25 for the standard gift set & $30 for the deluxe} online at the Lumnique website.

Win It: One lucky reader is going to win their own Deluxe Candle Set {pictured in the first photo}, which includes the gift box, a candle, a certificate of personalization & a box of Lumnique matches! Good luck!

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Note: I received a sample to facilitate this review. All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

I See Me: “My Royal Birthday Adventure” Book Review

I have always had a thing for personalized books. Growing up, I always imagined I was in the books I was reading, and so it was always quite a treat when the book I was reading actually HAD me in it! I still have the copy of “My Special Christmas Adventure” that my Mom & Dad got me for Christmas when I was 5 from one of those old mail order companies & every December I pull it out & read it all over again, and smile at the mentions of my hometown {Chicago} &the other personalizations in the story.

Now, I’m all grown up, and I’m the one with the kid who is obsessed with books! While Shane can’t quite read yet {but not for lack of trying!}, he has that same love of personalized books. &The books from I See Me are a perfect example! We have one of the Christmas books, and now we have the new book as well, “My Royal Birthday Adventure”! It’s not Shane’s birthday yet, but he IS obsessed with the show Mike the Knight, so this book is perfect for him!


In the Birthday Boy version, your child is dubbed a royal knight as the entire Kingdom celebrates his birthday, &in the Birthday Girl version, your child is crowned a Princess! Each version is full of beautiful illustrations- some of the best of any of Shane’s books yet- and your child’s name is not only in the text but is also found on many of the pictures in the book! This was a nice touch & really makes it feel like you’re in the story!

Shane loves it because of the personalization as well as the theme itself- like I said, he’s obsessed with Mike the Knight, so he loves that HE gets to be a Knight! &I love the theme & personalizations as well, but also the quality of the book! The writing & illustrations are both phenomenal & the book is sturdy and is ready to be read over & over!


Each book is made especially for the birthday child & includes their name, birthdate & a dedication from the sender! The book is a Hardcover 10”x10” storybook and is geared toward ages Newborn to 10!

Buy It: You can buy the “My Royal Birthday Adventure” book from the I See Me website starting TODAY, April 24th, for $32.95.

Win It: One lucky {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker reader is going to win their own copy! Just enter using the super simple Rafflecopter form below- Good luck!

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Susie’s Note: We received a sample of the book to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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