{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School!


On Monday, Shane went to school for the first time ever! He’s been very excited all summer- well at least, since we visited his school & he discovered his classroom would have toys & that there was a playground! All summer he’s been telling people that after he turned 4, he’d get to go to … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Crimes


Growing up, I was never exactly stylish. There were times that I thought I was, but in retrospect, I was not even close. {&I’m still not. Unless living in your pj’s is in style this season.} Let’s take a look at some of my more memorable choices: Floral: Yeah, yeah, it’s coming back- but I’m … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Haircut!


{This is the “before” pic- I didn’t take an “after” but suffice it to say, it’s shorter.} We took Shane to get a haircut this weekend- I’m so excited that he’s over his fear of the salon. He had such a massive freak out the first couple of times {when he was barely a year old} that we’ve been … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: June Recap!


Since I used last week’s Wordless Wednesday to announce the addition to our family, I totally missed doing my June recap! So without further ado: We spent the first week of the month enjoying our family honeymoon! We drove to San Diego- we drove in on Monday & left Thursday night. It was so … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Animals


A few weeks ago, when we took our San Diego family honeymoon trip, we spent a full day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We had an amazing experience, which included a cart safari through the African animals exhibit. There were far too many animals to include on a Wordless Wednesday post {I’m sure … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Seal Watching at La Jolla Children’s Pool


Last week, we took our family honeymoon to San Diego. We had a lot of fun & I plan on posting in more detail about all of the places we went but for now I had to share some pictures from our quick trip to La Jolla Children’s Pool! The Children’s Pool is an area of beach that was originally … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: May Recap!


This month was pretty low-key, but we did have some stand out moments! We had a few celebrations… Justin’s birthday was May 5th, so I set a trap for him & decorated the whole house with streamers. For Mother’s Day, {among other things} Justin agreed to go check out the ducks at the pond, … [Read more...]