Wordless Wednesday: Here, Kitty Kitty!

Shane made a new friend at the zoo last weekend- a mountain lion!

It’s super cute as long as you ignore that he’s wearing my sweater & the part where he totally falls on his face at the end.

Wordless Wednesday {with Linky}: Giggles!

I HAD to share this video of Shane giggling- I know it’s dark, it was right before bedtime. He decided instead of sleeping we had to play a game of catch with his stuffed doggie & once I heard him giggling, I had to agree. :) Oh, & he’s yelling “Throw!”

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2010: A Recap!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s currently 10pm my time on New Year’s Eve; Shane, Hubby & even Bella are snoring and the wind is howling. I decided to use this chance to recap my favorite memories of 2010- just barely before the stroke of midnight! Here are my top 10 favorite memories this year, in DATE order, not order of importance!!

1. Shane’s first word: Dada

2. Working with The Lady Bloggers Society for three months as a “Lady Blogger” (Co-owner)

3. Buying our first house

Shane, the first day in our new home. &No, the carpet has never been that clean since.

4. My sister & brother-in-law’s visit to Vegas

Shane & my brother-in-law, Zac

5. Shane’s 1st birthday!

Shane at his 1st birthday party, in a cake coma.

6. Shane’s first steps!

7. Attending Bloggy Boot Camp

Taking it all in at Bloggy Boot Camp St. George

8. Getting my job at Gymboree

9. My sister in law’s wedding

10. Christmas! {More photos of Christmas to follow this week}

Guess what his current favorite animal is? :)

So like I said, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year & hope nothing but the best for you in 2011!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Please share them! I’ll be posting mine this week!

Toddler Talk Thursday… ish.

So this week for Toddler Talk Thursday the hosts are taking a break, but they shared a hilarious video of their kiddos dancing. So naturally, I had to copy. So enjoy Shane dressed as an elf & rocking out. ;)

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