Stop Cleaning & Start Caring with Guardsman!


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture? It’s not something we think about often, but we all have one for some reason or another. My favorite piece of furniture that we have is our dining room table. When we were moving into our apartment, we had to find a dining room table. Our dining room … [Read more...]

Care for Baby’s Sensitive Skin with Aquaphor! {Review & $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway}


Winter may be over, but babies- especially those with eczema- can have sensitive, dry skin year-round. Shane & I have learned this the hard way as we both have extremely sensitive skin. I struggle with finding products that don’t irritate his skin but I’m happy to say I’ve found a great … [Read more...]

Review: Angelina Ballerina’s Ballerina Princess DVD


A few weeks ago, Shane came home from my Mother-In-Law’s {where he goes when I’m working} and started asking me for the “Mouse show”. I had no clue what he was talking about. The next day, we received an Angelina Ballerina DVD in the mail, and the first thing he yelled was “Mouse Show!!” I had never … [Read more...]

Winder Farms: The 21st Century Milkman! {Review}


We have a milkman. Yes, I said milkman. As in, someone who comes to our house before the sun has risen & drops off milk at our home. &Yes, I’m aware that it’s 2012. Our milkman isn’t the kind you’d find on Leave it to Beaver- but it’s the same concept, just updated. Winder Farms, a … [Read more...]

Review: Barney’s “Clean Up, Clean Up” DVD


I grew up with Barney. I slept on Barney sheets, & put pennies into my Barney piggy bank. My little brother was also a huge fan of the big purple dinosaur. So it’s no surprise that Shane fell in love with Barney as well- in fact, Shane now plays with many of my old Barney toys! We recently … [Read more...]

Save Money on Pet Food with Mr. Chewy!


I hate buying pet food. With Bella Notte’s super sensitive skin, she can’t eat any of the dog food brands found at the grocery store- she’s high end {& high maintenance} only. So it’s expensive. I hate going to the pet store unless I’m making a whole thing of it because Shane wants to see … [Read more...]

Cox Digital Telephone Review & Giveaway!


So you might remember last week when I mentioned that I had signed up for Digital Telephone Service through Cox Communications. We signed up for their Premier package, which includes some pretty awesome features like TV Caller ID, Phone Tools & Enhanced 911 services- not to mention the great … [Read more...]