Shane’s “Down On The Farm” Birthday Party, Part 1: The Food!

So a few weeks ago {August 13, to be exact} was both Shane’s farm-themed birthday party AND his actual birthday! My little dude turned 2 & I have a TON of photos to prove it. SO many photos, in fact, that I’m going to stretch it out over 4-yes, 4!- posts {food, decorations, party photos & birthday week photos!} so that each post isn’t too overwhelming.

So today, I bring you the FOOD! :)

While this isn’t an edible portion, this Welcome sign & the farm animals in front of it welcomed everyone to the party! They hung out on the beverage table.

I made water bottle labels with cute little cows on them!

I sliced up lemons & strawberries and put it in pitchers of lemonade flavored to match- yumm… strawberry lemonade!

For a little extra “down on the farm” touch, I poured individual glasses of lemonade into mason jars, all with additional slices of fruit & straws to match!

It’s not a farm party without a bushel of apples!

For a snack we had “hay”- just some stick pretzels with a horse decoration. {Get it? Cause hay is for horses… har har.}

&Another snack- Chex Mix, or as it was labeled, “Chicken Feed”

We had a candy jar full of Lemonheads…

&One with old-fashioned rock candy!

We had two plates of Watermelon Kabobs- they went FAST.

For a main entree we got some wraps from Costco- SO good.

For a treat, we had Birthday Cake Rice Krispies Treats {Recipe}

&For dessert- Birthday Bark! {Recipe}

We knew we were going to have too many guests to feed with just one cake so my mom made 2 dozen cupcakes, too! Plus, it gave everyone a choice.

So now, what about the CAKE??

Sadly we didn’t get a GOOD photo of it before it was devoured, but to give you an idea:

My mom made it & it was seriously too cute to eat… but I had 40 people in my living room expecting cake and so, of course, I had to cut it up. It’s hard to tell but the “dirt” path Farmer Jed is standing on is a hill, and the trail is made of Oreo crumbs. The fence goes all the way around it & is made from stick pretzels, and the grass, the mud puddle the pig is playing in & the pond the duck is swimming in are made from colored frosting. The horse, cow, sheep, pig & farmer are from Shane’s Little People Animal Sounds Farm, which is his favorite toy {we  got it for his first birthday} and was the inspiration for the farm-themed party in the first place.

 That’s it for the food- don’t miss the next post in the series in a few days! :)

Are you planning a birthday party? What’s the theme? Or what was the theme of the last birthday party you threw?

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