Cooling Down with #FloridaOJ & Ice Age!

Do you remember those days in high school when your teacher was too sick {or hungover} to teach & they’d just put a movie on? For me, Ice Age was almost always that movie, so I’ve seen it at least a dozen times. I used to be able to quote the whole thing, but I haven’t seen it in awhile, so I lost the bragging rights to that.

With the fourth installment coming out next month, I decided that now is as good a time as any to introduce Shane to this hilarious movie & its sequels!

Florida Orange Juice

First, we got our snacks ready. We had some berries & some 100% Florida Orange Juice- I’ve been on a huge fruit kick lately! It’s just so refreshing, especially in the summer when all I want is a nice cold drink. &I love giving Shane the 100% Orange Juice because he loves it and I know that it’s not full of all the extra stuff that’s bad for him!

Watching Ice Age

Once we were all settled in, we watched the first Ice Age! Shane kept going up to the screen to watch & was very into it. He almost forgot to have his snack- I kept having to remind him!

Preschool Coloring

When the movie was over, we did a couple of fun projects to go along with the movie. We did some Ice Age coloring pages, which he loved, since he knew most of the characters. There were a couple of sheets from Ice Age 2, but we’ll be watching that this week so he’ll know those characters soon, too!

Dinosaur Excavation Preschool

&Then we excavated some dinosaurs from their own Ice Age! I froze a container of water with a couple of dinosaurs in it & let Shane try to dig them out using spoons, salt, and cups of water & orange juice.

Ice Age 4 Poster

We still have two more movies to watch & then we’ll be all set to see Ice Age 4 when it comes out on July 13th!

About the movie:

Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn, which he’s been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences – a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego and Sid. In the wake of these upheavals, Sid reunites with his cantankerous Granny, and the herd encounters a ragtag menagerie of seafaring pirates determined to stop them from returning home.

I love Ice Age & I love pirates, so I think I’m as excited as Shane is!

Be sure to check out the website for Florida Orange Juice {& their Facebook page} to learn more about the benefits of 100% Florida Orange Juice & even find some great recipes!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Florida Orange Juice?

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Recipe: Groovy Apple-Orange Smoothie #FloridaOJ

We’ve been on a real health kick lately since I started the Nutrisystem plan- we’ve started working out, eating better, and drinking lots of smoothies. There’s a place near us that has AMAZING smoothies, but I’m sure they’re loaded with sugar- plus they’re like $5 each. So, we’ve been making most of our smoothies at home!

groovy apple-orange smoothie

Smoothies are fun to make because you can personalize them in several ways- what fruits {or even veggies} you include, the consistency, and most importantly the amount of sugar in it. We’ve found a lot of great combinations, but we’ve really been on an orange juice & apple kick this week.

Here’s the recipe {named by Shane- bonus points if you get the reference}:

groovy apple-orange smoothie

Groovy Apple-Orange Smoothie

Yield: 4 servings


  • 18 oz 100% Florida Orange Juice
  • 1 1/4 cups fat-free milk
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 3 tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
  • A whole lot of ice {about 25 pieces}
  • 1 medium apple, cored & diced


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend!


I get the feeling we’re going to be enjoying these a lot in the upcoming months as it gets warmer & warmer outside!

Find more great recipes using 100% Florida Orange Juice on their website &be sure to join them on their Facebook page!

What’s your favorite smoothie combination?

Susie’s Note:
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

Making a Cold & Flu Kit Featuring #FloridaOJ!

I may have mentioned about a million times just a few times that I was sick for almost all of January. Justin didn’t get sick, which I attribute to his daily Orange Juice smoothie habit, but Shane & I both got hit with the flu. While Shane recovered after about four days, it lingered for me & I didn’t fully shake it for almost three weeks. While I’m happy to say we’ve finally moved on & kicked that big bad bug out of our home, that doesn’t mean that we’re in the clear yet. It is still cold & flu season after all. But after suffering last month, I’ve decided to be more prepared for the next time the flu comes knocking!

There’s a new pamphlet out at Safeway stores called “Be Well. Save Well.” It has valuable coupons featuring some of my personal favorite products, like Clorox Wipes and Kleenex Cool Touch tissues, but even better than that are the tips for staying healthy that are included!

You can click the image below to enlarge it enough to read them:

Inspired by the tips in the pamphlet {and my hatred of being sick}, I set out to make a cold & flu kit! I headed to my local Von’s, which is the Safeway chain out here in Vegas, since they have such great prices and because they’re the ones who inspired me to do this in the first place! To make my body less susceptible to illness, I stocked up on produce & nuts- but more importantly, I also got a big ol’ jug of Florida Orange Juice!

I also stocked up on my must-have’s for when I’m sick: Hall’s cough drops, DayQuil & NyQuil, Ginger Ale, crackers, Be Koool patches {those ones are for Shane}, and of course the Kleenex Cool Touch tissues featured in the pamphlet. {If you haven’t tried them yet, do so immediately. I’ve decided they’re the only kind I’ll use now.} I got Clorox Wipes, too, to help prevent the spread of germs.

My kit is all packed & ready to go so the next time someone gets the sniffles, I’ll just have to grab the basket from the closet & we’ll be good to go.

As I said, it’s still cold & flu season, so now’s a good time to go stock up on sick day essentials at your local Safeway store. &Make sure to pick up the “Be Well. Save Well.” pamphlet for some great coupons to use!

Learn more about the kit I made by viewing my Google+ story!

Be sure to check out Safeway on Facebook & Twitter, and learn more about 100% Florida Orange Juice on their website or Facebook page!

Susie’s Note: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

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