Which Plants Can You Use to Make the Office a Great Place to Work?

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Most of us spend a great deal of our lives in work so we want it to be a place that is pleasant to work in. Few of us have much choice when it comes to the day to day routine of the job but we may have some say in matters concerning the working environment. One such issue is the presence of plants in the office.

This isn’t just a great idea from the point of view of making the area a more attractive place to work in. Plants have been proven to have a positive effect on the mindset of people; you tend to feel better when there are plants around. They also have air purifying qualities so you can see how much of an asset plants on an office desk can be, you can learn more here.

It may be that that your employer will adopt a scheme to bring in plants around the office, or it may be that you can persuade them to let you have a plant or plants on your own desk. In either case there are certain things you need to think about very carefully.

Office work place

What are the main considerations concerning office plants

Having plants in an office is a very different proposition than having them in the home. In an office there may not be time for a great watering and feeding regime and there may be issues with the amount of light available in a particular area of the building. These concerns need to be taken into account before any plants are purchased. You don’t want to waste money on buying plants that die within a short time of you purchasing them.

What sort of plants are the perfect choice?

You can see that, in an office environment, you ideally need low maintenance plants that will still provide the decoration you require.

Spider plants are an ideal choice as they can survive with very little light; this is great if you work in an office where there are few windows, or a lot of cubicles. Spider plants trail so they need to be hung in baskets of placed on higher shelves. An added bonus is that they don’t need a lot of water and can often survive with infrequent watering.

This doesn’t mean you can just ignore them; no plant can exist with no care whatsoever. Make sure the soil always has some moisture and if any of the leaves start to look a little brown you may need to consider giving the plant a little more light.

Another great plant to consider for an office is the peace lily. Not only does this have beautiful green foliage but it also benefits from pristine white blooms. Peace lilies love the shade and they don’t need a lot of watering. Although, to ensure they continue to grow well, the soil should never be allowed to dry out so keep an eye on it every few days. Peace lilies are also one of the best plants for purifying the air in the office.

Either of these plants make a decorative and beneficial addition to any office desk.

Do you have plants in your office?

Choosy Moms Choose Jif To Go Dippers!

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Now that the weather has cooled down a bit around here, we have been spending a lot of time outside. We go to the park before school and often after school, and sometimes we’re there for hours! Between the park and our various enrichment classes {not to mention school and errands}, we are always on the go.

Jif to Go Dippers

Shane is a growing boy and so we never leave home without some snacks! We pack a variety, which can include things like fresh fruit and granola bars- anything that he can eat quickly and without a huge mess! Jif To Go Dippers have been his favorite lately- they are just the right size for a snack, taste great, and travel well. Each Dipper contains a package of pretzels along with either Jif Peanut Butter or Jif Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter Spread. All you have to do is unwrap the Dipper, open each container and then dip and enjoy!

Shane with Jif to Go

Shane absolutely loves these- he likes the chocolate one more of course because, well, it’s chocolate. However he loves peanut butter {and we’ve always been a Jif family} so he doesn’t hesitate to reach for that kind as well! Even Zac likes them- he’s not actually old enough to eat them, but he loves to shake them and make music!

Zac with Jif to Go

The only problem that we seem to have with the Jif to Go Dippers is keeping them in our pantry! {While Shane eats them the most, I have to admit that Justin and I have been known to swipe a package from the pantry as well.} Luckily I can pick them up at pretty much any store- we typically get ours at Target but they are also available at grocery stores nationwide!

Jif to Go Chocolate

To learn more about the Jif To Go Dippers or their other products, be sure to check out Jif’s website, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram!

What are some of your favorite on-the-go snacks?

Beggin’- The Official Dog Treat of Halloween {Get Free Samples and Enter to Win!}

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There are so many things to love about Halloween. For some reason, it seems like every year fall weather hits Las Vegas on Halloween, so I enjoy the cooler temperatures. I love choosing costumes- especially for the boys. Decorating the house is so much fun and of course, I love going trick-or-treating! However, since I was a kid, one of my favorite parts of Halloween has been handing out candy at home!

It’s just something about the excitement of the doorbell ringing and going to see what you’ll find. Will it be a vampire? A witch? What about a dinosaur? My favorite thing to find on the other side of the door has to be a dog- a real one, all dressed up for Halloween!

Pukah dressed up for Halloween

One year in college, my friend and I dressed up her pups and took them trick-or-treating. They had a lot of fun going on a huge walk, and we made so many little kids smile when they saw her little cocker spaniel dressed in her tutu. While my dog is a bit too social to go trick-or-treating, I will be treating her myself- along with any other dog that comes to our door! {Like my friend Lexi’s pup Pukah, pictured above.}

This Halloween, I’m picking up some dog treats to hand out to our furry guests, including Beggin’- the Official Dog Treat of Halloween! We’ll be picking up some cellophane bags this week and creating some little packages to hand out to any trick-or-treaters of the canine variety that come to our home.


Want to score some Beggin’ for your pet? You can go to the Purina Pet Park {get the full experience by visiting via your cell phone or tablet} to enter to win one of 25,000 treat samples for your pet! While you’re there, you can learn about the whole line of Beggin’ and Purina Pet Treats- all of which are perfect to hand out for Halloween!

Purina Halloween 2014

Do you like seeing dogs out trick-or-treating? Would you ever bring your dog with your family?

Treat the Pups this Halloween at Walmart!

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You may have mentioned that Bella Notte is more like a furry child than a dog around here, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that we like to treat her as often as we treat our real kids. We rub her belly, play fetch {although her attention span doesn’t last that long usually}, and of course, give her some of her favorite treats. While we give Bella Notte treats throughout the year, we definitely give her a few extra this time of year.

Milo's Kitchen dog treats

Of course, October has everyone reaching for more treats, but it’s more than that. Bella tends to get a little more anxious around Halloween. Between the decorations taking over her “den”, the superheroes living in the house where her family used to be, and of course the doorbell ringing with all kinds of spooky strangers all night can get her a little riled up. Reminding her that we love her through all the chaos by giving her treats really helps us to reinforce her good behavior while making her feel as loved as she is.


If you want to treat your pet while getting a little crafty at the same time, you have to check out the Walmart website. Right now they have the instructions for making the cutest DIY dog treat jar- and even a recipe for a doggie edible treat bowl to hold their favorite treats! I am seriously making these this weekend- and not only do they make a great craft idea for yourself, but they would make a great gift idea for the holidays or for Halloween for any friends or family members who have dogs! {&While you’re on the Walmart website, don’t forget to buy the treats! Bella has loved Milk-Bone Dog Snacks since before we rescued her, and we recently discovered Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Grillers which have been a HUGE hit!}

Halloween dogs

Halloween is such a fun time to dress up, but the fun doesn’t have to stop with your kids. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing up your pooch- just check out a couple of the haunting hounds that my friends and family dressed up! You can buy a pre-made dog costume or even get creative and make your own. I’m trying to think of a way to dress Bella up this year- any ideas?


If you’re dressing up your pooch this year {or have adorable photos from a previous year} you won’t want to miss this contest! Submit a photo of your dressed-up pup using the hashtag #TreatThePups and then submit it to the widget right here on my site. You’ll be entered to win some great prizes: the grand prize winner will win (1) $500 Gift Card, second place will win one (1) $100 Gift Card and third place will win (1) $50 Gift Card. {Psst- you can also find a link on Walmart’s website to enter your photo into another sweepstakes to win $5,000!}

Whether you’re taking your pups Trick-or-Treating or just handing out candy and dog treats, be sure to treat yourself and your loved ones this Halloween!

Buy It: You can find your favorite dog treats, like Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Grillers, Pup-peroni Beef Flavor Dog Snacks, and Milk-Bone Dog Snacks at your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com.

Win It: To enter to win some great prizes as mentioned above, be sure to enter using the widget below!
Treat all the Pawesome pets this Halloween!

How do you treat your dog?

Celebrate Baby’s First Halloween at a Special Babies “R” Us Event! {Giveaway}

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When Shane’s first Halloween came around, he was only 2 & a half months old. That didn’t matter, though- I dressed him up and took him trick-or-treating anyway! Of course, he didn’t eat any of the candy, but it wasn’t about that. It was about enjoying a tradition that I’ve enjoyed my whole life and sharing it with my baby!

Shane's First Halloween

Now that it’s Zac’s first Halloween, it is even better because he will turn 9 months old that day and is old enough to really have fun with the holiday. He doesn’t quite understand it, but since he’s a bit older {and wants to do everything that big brother does}, we are definitely including him in the festivities this year. In fact, for the first time ever, we’re doing themed family costumes!


While we’re assembling as the Avengers for the big night, we’ll be hitting a few pre-Halloween events and I just have to get him something cute and poofy for those events. I’m thinking something like the floppy puppy costume I stuck Shane in when he was a year old, or maybe a lion with a big ol’ mane. I saw some really cute costumes at Babies “R” Us a few weeks ago so I’m heading back there this weekend to pick one up!

If you’re headed to Babies “R” Us this weekend, don’t miss the Baby’s First Halloween event! Babies “R” Us and Pampers have partnered to help you celebrate with some fun activities, including:

-Craft time where you and your baby can design a personal trick-or-treat bag

-A parade around the store where you and your baby can show of your Halloween costumes

-Halloween story time where you can sit with other moms and babies and listen to a story from Highlights magazine

While you’re there, you can even get in on a couple of great specials- you can get a FREE $10 Gift Card when you buy any two Pampers super packs of diapers and/or buy any Pampers value box of wipes for only $19.99 {they’re usually $23.99}.

And, for even more Halloween fun, from now until Halloween you can share your baby’s Halloween photo with #BRUHalloween {or enter at http://j.babiesrus.com/BRUHalloween} for a chance to win a $1,000 Babies”R”Us Gift Card!

Whether you’re stopping in for the great Pampers deal or just picking up a cute Halloween costume {or even just going for the fun, FREE events}, be sure to stop in at Babies “R” Us tomorrow, Saturday, October 18th at 10am!

Blogger Photo

Win It: To help you celebrate your baby’s first Halloween, Pampers and Babies “R” Us are giving away a great prize pack to one lucky reader! The pack includes Pampers wipes, a $75 gift card to Babies “R” Us, a 1 year subscription to Highlights magazine, 1 Highlights book, and a Halloween trick-or-treat tote bag. You can enter using the simple form below- good luck!

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