Daydreaming of a Trip to Puerto Rico

This post brought to you by Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s Spring, which means I am starting to long for the beach. We’ve taken a few trips out to the coast in the last few years, but with a newborn at home we’re sitting this year out. I’m really aching to have my toes in the sand, but on the bright side, it gives me more time to plan ahead for our family vacation next year!

While we tend to stick to road trips because we have little ones, I am already beginning to plan the trips we’ll take when the kids are a bit older. I love to travel, and I’d love to take them to some unforgettable places when they’re old enough.

One place I’d love to go one day is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has 270 miles of coastline and Flamenco Beach in Culebra has often been cited as one of the best beaches in the world. I’d be happy spending the whole trip listening to the ocean, but there’s so much more to do- you can visit the only rainforest under US national park service, El Yunque, or enjoy the old world charm of San Juan. You can go horseback riding {I’ve always wanted to try it!} or taste some of Puerto Rico’s finest dishes. Whatever you’d like to do, Puerto Rico is filled with world-class attractions that will turn any trip into a 5-star vacation.

An added benefit of going to Puerto Rico is that it’s really easy to travel there. You don’t have to get a passport or convert your money, which is nice because traveling with children is difficult enough!

Puerto Rico Tourism recently partnered with Trip Advisor to turn real 5-star reviews from travelers into beautiful short films narrated by Puerto Rican stars. You can check them out- but I warn you, they’ll have you longing for the shore!

Be sure to head to to learn more about what adventures await you when you Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico. You can also Like on Facebook and Follow @PRTourismCo on Twitter.

What would you most enjoy doing on a trip to Puerto Rico?

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Easter Peeps Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

One of my favorite things about Easter is the candy. While I always got a couple of presents in my Easter basket, the sweetest part was always the candy that I dug out from a pile of Easter grass. Sometimes we had fun new treats in there, but every year without fail we got Peeps!

If Peeps are a big part of your Easter celebrations as well, you have to make these Peeps Rice Crispy Treats! They’re a fun version of a classic with a little extra Easter on top. We’re on Spring Break this week so I’m making them with Shane- just in time for Easter!

Peeps Rice Crispy Treats for Easter


1 Box of rice crispy cereal
1 Bag of mini marshmallows
¼ cup butter
1 Container of white whipped icing
Red and Blue food coloring
Peeps Birthday Cake flavored chicks


Step 1: In a large bowl combine the mini marshmallows and ¼ cup butter. Microwave for a minute at a time, stirring well in between until the mixture is smooth.

Step 2: Add the box of rice crispy cereal to the marshmallow mixture and stir together well.

Step 3: Place the marshmallow coated rice crispies into a 9 x 13 baking dish and press down firmly all over with a sheet of parchment paper.

Step 4: Put the mixture into the fridge to cool for at least 30 minutes.

Step 5: In the meantime, place one half of the container of icing into one bowl with a few drops of red food coloring and the other half into another bowl with a few drops of blue food coloring. Mix thoroughly until you have a bowl of pink icing and a bowl of blue icing.

Step 6: Remove the rice crispy mixture from the fridge and cut into squares that are large enough for a Peep to fit on top of. Put icing on top of each rice crispy treat square, alternating colors.

Step 7: Place a Peep on top of each iced rice crispy treat before serving.

Easter Peeps Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Thanks to contributor Kathleen for this delicious recipe!

Disney’s The Pirate Fairy Review & Tons of Free Printable Activity Sheets!

I’ve always been in love with all things Never Land. Peter Pan managed to combine my two favorite things as a kid: pirates and fairies. I went a little Tinker Bell crazy in high school- I was such a fan that my mom even started calling me Tinker Shell! While I don’t still keep notes on Tinker Bell patterned paper or use a Tinker Bell purse, I do still love Tink & am so thrilled that my son does, too. He has followed in my footsteps & loves anything in the Never Land universe as well- Jake & the Never Land Pirates, Peter Pan, and of course, the Disney Fairies movies!


The latest installment in the Disney Fairies movies is my favorite of the bunch, because once again my two favorites are united in one film. The new movie “The Pirate Fairy” introduces us to a new fairy, Zarina, as she leaves Pixie Hollow to become a pirate captain! She’s a fiery fairy who doesn’t quite follow the rules, so she runs away & goes on her own adventure. Of course, our favorite fairies want to help her and remind her who she really is. But will it be too late?


Zarina is voiced by Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan on Mad Men. The character of Zarina is a perfect fit for her. James, a pirate who turns out to be someone we all know & love to hate, was also perfectly cast and is voiced by Tom Hiddleston. We also get the see the origins of another famous Never Land character!


Shane has already watched this movie quite a few times {giving me a nice break from watching Frozen on repeat} &we both really enjoyed it! It’s always a good sign when a movie can hold a four-year-old’s attention for over an hour straight- he even wanted to watch the credits! You can check out the trailer below:

If you think your little ones would like it, be sure to pick it up- and also download some of these great free printable activity sheets!

Download Piratey Coloring & Puzzler Pages

Download Neverland Crafts

Download Pirate Arrr-ctivities

Buy It: The Pirate Fairy is available now on Blu-ray & DVD at most major retailers. You can also buy it online at Amazon- it’s currently on sale for a great price!

Who’s your favorite Never Land character?

Note: I received a copy of the movie to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

4 Things That Should Be More Simple {&Join Simple for a Saturdate at Walgreens!}

Sponsored post by Lunchbox all opinions are my own.

I am a firm believer that everything in life should be as simple as possible. Of course, there are some things that will never be simple, no matter how hard we try. Here are four things that should be more simple:

Business Tax And Busness Expense

Taxes: 1099’s, W-2’s, Schedule ABCEFG… Who can keep track? Why can’t the forms just have real names, like “The one that shows you how much money you got” or “The one that means you owe us money”?

Woman Sticking Out Her Tongue

Family: Whether it’s your Great-Aunt Gertrude, your Grandmother, or your Father, everyone has a family member that is a little… eccentric. While it may make for some complicated small talk, it’s totally worth it when your Mom calls saying,  “You’ll never guess what your Crazy Aunt Martha just got arrested for at the pet store!” {Ps. Don’t have that family member in your family? It’s probably you.}

Traffic Jam In Heavy Snowfall On Mountain Road

Driving: For many of us it’s now second nature, but when you think about it- driving is hard. You have to constantly be aware of what’s going on in front of you, behind you and on either side of you, while minding dozens of road signs, street lights, weather conditions, and construction/school zones. Add a distracting child into the backseat & it’s a wonder that driving is legal at all.

Happy children sitting on green grass outdoors in summer park

Parenting: Nothing about parenting is simple- that is, aside from the deep and amazing love that you will always have for your children, even when you catch them painting on the walls with Nutella.

While some things will always be complicated, Simple aims to make your beauty routine purely, well, simple. They have facial wipes, cleansers, moisturizers and eye care for even the most sensitive of skin and any other skin type, too. The products have NO parabens, NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes and NO harsh irritants so your skin is getting the love it needs- pure and simple.


Want to try the New Simple® Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer, for instant hydration, or New Simple® 24-hour Nourishing Cream for super soft and smooth skin? Want to learn more about Simple’s great products? You’re in luck because you can sample both of these great new products THIS Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Walgreens Saturdate from 10am-5pm. Live beauty experts will be on hand to help you with all of your Simple® Beauty needs. So join us to get the in the know and say hello to naturally, healthy looking skin.


As an added bonus, buy any 2 or more participating Simple® products at Walgreens from 4/6/14–4/12/14 and get 3,000 Balance Reward Points. Also, on participating Simple® products at Walgreens get 50% off with your Balance Rewards Card.*

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What do you wish was more simple?

Join the Toxin Freedom Fighters & Help to Push for Chemical Reform!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Seventh Generation. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating.

Decades ago, pregnant women were encouraged to smoke cigarettes so that they wouldn’t gain too much weight during their pregnancies, and to have smaller babies. At the time, doctors themselves would smoke during patient exams! Once it was discovered how unhealthy the chemicals in cigarettes were, change slowly happened- even when I was a kid in the 90’s and early 00’s, my family still had the choice of sitting in the smoking section in restaurants. Now, at least in my state, you can’t smoke at restaurants at all anymore and “No Smoking” signs are popping up more & more often. We have finally realized that letting people be exposed to harmful chemicals without their consent isn’t the right thing to do.


Cigarettes are one source of harmful chemicals- but there may be many, many more. Since the Toxic Substances Control Act {TSCA} was passed in 1976, the EPA has required testing on less than 10% of the 80,000 synthetic chemicals that have been introduced into the market. Since many chemicals have been linked to health risks such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects and reproductive issues, it is absolutely ridiculous that these tens of thousands of chemicals have not been tested for safety. Just like people back then didn’t know how bad cigarettes were, we may be exposing ourselves and our children to something very dangerous and not even know it.

Seventh Generation believes that the current TSCA doesn’t protect the public the way that it should, and is proposing that Congress reevaluate it for the first time since 1976. They are currently trying to spread awareness for the cause, and they are trying to collect 100,000 signatures by April 24, 2014 so that they can show Congress just how important this matter is to the general public.


As someone with two sweet boys to protect, I feel that the testing process on these chemicals needs to begin now. Our children are exposed to so many toxins each day {and 300 before they are even born!} and for all we know, we are harming them with something that we think helps them.

So how can you help? Become a Toxin Freedom Fighter by signing Seventh Generation’s petition to urge Congress to reevaluate the TSCA! Just make sure you do it soon, the deadline for signatures is April 24th so that they can present it to Congress by the 30th.


I have signed the petition- I was signature number 91,148 so they are so close to the goal- but the deadline is closing in! I hope that you will consider signing it, too. Just click on the button below to join the cause.

How do you protect yourself or your children from toxins?

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