Giving Kids Confidence with GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear

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Today is the last day of school before Spring Break, and we are so excited! We are staying in town but we will be visiting with friends, going to the book store and the cowboy store {it’s a thing}, and of course getting ready for Easter. It’s just one short week, but it’s a small preview of what’s just around the corner- Summer vacation! We can’t wait for the endless playdates, swim sessions, and sleepovers that are ahead.

For many kids though, sleepovers can cause a lot of anxiety. It’s estimated that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from noctural enuresis- more commonly known as bedwetting. It’s a fairly common condition that a child can’t control or be trained out of, but it’s still an embarrassing one that can cause children to forgo sleepovers entirely.


It’s not just the kids who get stressed about the bedwetting, either. According to a recent survey, 41% of parents describe it as frustrating, and 43% believe that bedwetting can be “trained” out of a child, even though it can not. Over 25% of parents have anxiety over their child spending the night somewhere and wetting the bed- something I understand completely, since Shane has sleepovers with his grandparents sometimes. He hasn’t wet the bed in a long time, but I used to worry about it every time he went over there!


There’s a new way to help ease anxieties while still allowing kids to attend sleepovers and have fun! GoodNites® brand is introducing a completely new kind of bedtime protection: GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear. GoodNites*TRU-FIT* is machine-washable, real underwear with disposable, absorbent inserts that help keep sheets and jammies dry all night. Kids won’t be self-conscious because they look like regular underwear, and they won’t have to worry about bedwetting. Parents can send their kids to sleepovers knowing they won’t get the dreaded 2am phone call. It’s a win-win!

GoodNites* TRU-FIT* is now available for boys and girls in sizes S/M and L/XL in different colors and patterns. You can buy them all at Walmart- click here to learn more!

Have you ever dealt with bedwetting?

Keeping Our Family Clean on the Go Thanks to PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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My two kids have a lot of energy. They’re always running around, or climbing on things, or generally roughhousing. Since Shane has half-day kindergarten and doesn’t start school until 1 pm, we often go to the park across the street before school starts.

Getting Dirty- Good thing we have our PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes #PurellWipes #Ad #CollectiveBias

Hitting the park before school allows Shane to get some energy out before he needs to focus in class, and it tires Zac out just in time for his nap. It also lets Zac explore different textures, work on his gross motor skills, and watch other kids play- one of his favorite activities. In addition to picking up garbage, chasing bugs, and digging in the dirt, of course.

Kids wiping with PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes #PurellWipes #Ad #CollectiveBias

Since Shane’s school is just across the street, and since Zac often falls asleep in the car immediately after our park adventures, it’s important that we have a solution for cleaning their hands on the go. {Their faces, too- I don’t want to send Shane to school with dirt on his cheeks!} We use PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes because they’re gentle on the boys, easy to carry with us, and kill 99.99% of illness-causing germs on hands!

Nice and Clean! #PurellWipes #Ad #CollectiveBias
Using the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes on the boys right as soon as they’re done- instead of waiting until they’ve already touched things {like Zac’s car seat, or Shane’s backpack} allows us to kill the germs before they spread, keeping all of us healthier. The wipes are made to kill germs and clean your hands, and they don’t leave any soapy or greasy residue behind.

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They’re perfect for park playtime, zoo trips, or messy chocolate snacks!

Find PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes in the Home Cleaning Aisle!

The PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes are available at Walmart in 70-count and 35-count canisters {we prefer the 35-count because they are perfect to keep in the car- and because they’re fragrance-free, which is perfect for my sensitive kids}. You can find them in the home cleaning section! You can click here to grab a $1 off coupon on your next purchase of PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes!

PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes #PurellWipes #Ad #CollectiveBias

You can save even more beginning on May 17th, when you’ll find a coupon in the Sunday paper! {You can save $1.00 on any PURELL® Wipes canister or Save $1.00 on any two PURELL® Products.} PURELL® also has a loyalty program on their site, which you can check out here!

How do you keep germs at bay?

Get Ready for Swim Season with New Technology from Venus! {Walmart Gift Card Giveaway}

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I have two boys, and they keep me on my toes. Most days I think I was made to be a boy mom, though- my sense of humor involves a lot of sarcasm and poop jokes, and the five second rule is one I firmly believe in. That said, I would have loved to have experienced raising a daughter, but one thing that I won’t miss? Teaching her to shave.

Thanks to early onset puberty, almost-black hair, and ghostly pale skin, I had to start shaving early. I’m talking nine years old early. Living in Vegas in the summer meant wearing shorts or risking heat exhaustion, and I didn’t want to have hairy legs! Luckily, my mom understood and taught me to shave the summer of fifth grade. It. Was. Terrifying.

I was so afraid that I’d cut myself that I wouldn’t apply enough pressure, but then I’d miss random chunks of hair. So then I’d try again, using too much force and a crappy razor, and I’d nick myself silly. It was a learning curve, that’s for sure.

The year after I started shaving, some of my other friends started to, also. At one sleepover, a friend was gushing over how she had her first razor- the original Venus razor. All of my friends said they had the same one, and suddenly it was the “it” thing to own! Of course, I had to have one, and I begged my mom for one. Out of all of the things that I begged and pleaded for as a kid, my Venus is probably the only one I still use {sorry, Nano Baby}.


Of course, I don’t still use my original Venus. Venus has come out with so many new kinds that I lost count a few years back {I think it went through more phases during my teenager years than I did!}, but it’s always because they make huge advancements in technology! Like the latest one- the new Venus Swirl has the new FlexiBall technology that is unlike any other male or female razor on the market. It’s the only razor that has the Flexiball, which moves in multiple directions to navigate all of the tricky areas. The Venus Swirl also has a new Microfine Comb and five Contour Blades, which tackle those knee and ankle hairs {augh, aren’t those the worst?}.

I have been using mine for a few weeks now and have noticed that it catches all of the hairs that I would sometimes miss- and the shave is so close that I’m staying smoother, longer! It’s perfect timing, too- the weather has been in the 80’s around here and it’s just going to get hotter!


Be sure to check out Walmart’s beauty selection- they always have the latest & greatest, like the Venus Swirl razor! Plus, they have everyday low prices so you don’t have to wait for a sale to get a great deal.

You can learn more about the Venus Swirl razor on their website!

Win It: One lucky reader will win a $20 gift card to Walmart! To enter, just use the simple form below. Good luck!

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Big Savings on Body Wash and Beauty Bars!

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On Friday, I had to stop at the store just a few minutes before I needed to get Shane from school. I was attempting to keep Zac from standing up in the cart {which is an ongoing battle, despite proper seatbelt use} while unpacking a full cart onto the conveyor belt, which was no easy task. I got about half of my cart unloaded when I realized that the conveyor belt hadn’t moved- in fact, the cashier was still helping the same lady that I’d seen pay just moments prior. I watched for a moment, and then realized that she was doing each item of her purchase as a separate transaction- using a coupon with each one and counting out exact change! I had to pack up and go to another register because I really had to go, and she was still there when I was leaving.

Now, I am all for being frugal, and it’s not her fault that I had to get going. However, I wished I had more time to tell her that there’s a better way to save! Digital couponing is becoming a hot {and easy} way to save on the brands you love- without clipping coupons or counting out pennies for an hour.

Walgreens has great deals on my favorite brands that are easy to score! Now through 5/22/2015, you can save $2 on a variety of body cleansing products from Axe, Caress, Dove, Dove Men+Care, Lever 2000 and St. Ives. Simply by clicking here and signing in with your Balance Rewards Card login you can clip a $2.00 off coupon straight to your card!

Not a Balance Rewards card member? Signing up is easy! You can sign up easily after you click clip to card—it only takes a minute. It’s the easiest way to save because your coupon will be automatically applied to your purchase when you check out at Walgreens with your Balance Rewards card.


You can even save on some remarkable NEW products by Dove and Caress! I’m in love with the Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash because it’s infused with NutriumMoisture, which helps produce more beautiful skin long term. If you’re looking for long-lasting fragrance, try body wash from the new Caress Forever Collection. Its touch re-activated technology releases fine fragrance for up to 12 hours when you touch your skin. Save big on these new products and more at your local Walgreens!

{Coupon valid on Dove, Caress or Lever 2000 6-bar to 8-bar; and Dove, AXE, Caress or St. Ives 13.5 to 24oz Body Wash}

Smoothly Does It- Keeping a Kitchen Tidy

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Cooking a new recipe with a glass of wine to hand is a nice little way to unwind, some might say one of the best even. However, searching for ingredients and contending with mess can turn what should be an enjoyable activity into a bit of a chore. So here are some handy tips for making your kitchen a stress-free, organized area that you’ll love spending time in.

Re-assess your appliances

Any chef will tell you that to cook well, you need space. A lot of the space in kitchens is wasted by bulky appliances. If you haven’t overhauled your kitchen since you moved in, it might be the time to have a re-think. For instance, if your integrated oven is tricky to get to, you might turn to a more flexible cookery option such as free standing cookers. Likewise, although under worktop fridges can be great space savers, depending on the layout of your kitchen stand-alone fridges might be a better option, as they can be tucked into corners and often provide more shelf space too. Sketching out a rough layout of your kitchen space first is a good idea to help you visualize exactly what should go where.

Have a spring clean

We’re all guilty of keeping things in our kitchen that have seen better days, whether it’s the flour at the back of the cupboard or those muffin cases you bought five years ago and have never used. Having a good clear out is really rewarding and will make it much easier to find the everyday items you do need.

Assorted Baking Ingredients And Tools

Weigh everything out first

Once your kitchen is in order, it’s time to start cooking. Weighing or measuring ingredients outfirst is a sure fire way to make sure everything goes according to plan. Place them in plastic containers to be ready to use exactly when you need them. Again, in small kitchens with less worktop surface this can be tricky, but there are some fantastic stackable Tupperware available which will help you get organized without losing space.

Clean as you go

The golden rule of any professional kitchen: clean up as you work. There’s nothing worse than coming to roll your pastry out but having no clean surface to do it. And if your kids are helping out, all the better. Turn washing up into a game and reward your mini chefs with a lick of the bowl!

So whether you’re cooking in a large kitchen or a compact cooking area, being organized and prepared can save you heaps of time. Always read the recipe through twice before you start and pre-heat the oven as required. Now, where did that wine glass go…?

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