{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Animals

A few weeks ago, when we took our San Diego family honeymoon trip, we spent a full day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We had an amazing experience, which included a cart safari through the African animals exhibit. There were far too many animals to include on a Wordless Wednesday post {I’m sure I’ll get around to blogging about it eventually though} so I decided to focus on my favorite animals ever today.

My favorite animals {in no particular order}:

Cheetah Run San Diego Zoo Safari Park

When we watched the cheetah run at the Safari Park, I may have teared up a bit. It has always been my dream to see a cheetah run, since I did a report on them in the third grade. These cats are ridiculously amazing.

Okapi at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

They have the top half of a horse {or at least donkey} & the bottom half of a zebra, yet their closest relative is the giraffe. It’s for that confusing fact alone that I love okapis, though they’re pretty cool anyway.

Squirrel at DisneyMoviesEvent

I lived in Chicago until I was 6, where squirrels are everywhere. I grew up feeding them our stale bread & watching them while I played on my swingset. Then we moved to Vegas, where we have NO squirrels. My heart broke. Now whenever I travel anywhere that has squirrels {so almost anywhere} it becomes a squirrel watching expedition. {Like in the photo above, which was taken while I was on the #DisneyMoviesEvent press trip in LA.}

Bella Notte

More specifically, this girl right here, though I’ve never met a cold, wet nose I didn’t love. I have had a few dogs in my life, including a childhood dog that still holds a heavy piece of my heart, but Bella Notte is right up there with him- and she’s still around, so bonus points.

For the record, I love just about every animal ever, so this list really could go on for days. But I picked the ones that make me squeal when I see pictures of them on the internet, because that’s pretty much how I judge how much I care about things.

What’s your favorite animal?

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Seal Watching at La Jolla Children’s Pool

Last week, we took our family honeymoon to San Diego. We had a lot of fun & I plan on posting in more detail about all of the places we went but for now I had to share some pictures from our quick trip to La Jolla Children’s Pool!

The Children’s Pool is an area of beach that was originally designed to be a safer swimming spot for children, since it’s partially covered by a sea wall. However, some seals had a totally different idea & this place is now home to hundreds of seals! We walked along the seawall {it has guardrails} &I was able to get some great photos of the ocean while standing right on top of it. It was pretty amazing.

Brilliant Sunset in La Jolla

Seals at La Jolla Children's Pool

Even from the parking lot, we could see that there were definitely some seals on the beach! All of those little black dots right next to the ocean are seals- there were dozens of them!

Seals Resting at La Jolla Children's Pool

We decided to go on the seawall for a closer look- these guys are so cute! We watched them for awhile & while most of them were sleeping, some of them were being silly & playing with each other.

Waves Crashing in La Jolla

Waves Hitting Rocks at La Jolla Children's Pool

La Jolla Sunset

If you’re ever near La Jolla or thinking about places to go for cheap holidays, be sure to check out the Children’s Pool! The seals are there year-round &it’s so fun to watch them- plus the view is amazing!


{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: May Recap!

This month was pretty low-key, but we did have some stand out moments!

We had a few celebrations…


Justin’s birthday was May 5th, so I set a trap for him & decorated the whole house with streamers.

Baby ducklings

For Mother’s Day, {among other things} Justin agreed to go check out the ducks at the pond, where we found a whole family of baby ducklings.

Graduation 2013

&Then I got to watch my Mom get her Associate’s Degree!

justin & shane swimming

We also went swimming a couple of times- Shane taught himself to swim in just one day {with a swim vest on}!


I also managed to grow something for like the first time ever- we grew this basil &it’s actually even taller than in this picture now!

silly faces

Shane & I made some silly faces. :P

riding the train

&Shane conquered some fears! Just minutes after getting four shots, he rode the train at the mall he’s been afraid of!

monsters inc towel

&Then the next night, he watched Monsters, Inc.! He’s been obsessed with the characters forever & has several Monsters, Inc. toys & books, but was too afraid to actually watch it. No surprise here, he absolutely loved it.

What did you do in May?

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Congrats Class of ‘13!

On Monday night, I got to watch my Mom get her Associate’s Degree in Art!

Graduation 2013

{Finding her was like a real-life version of Where’s Waldo where everyone was wearing the red & white striped shirt.}

I’m so proud of her for following her dreams & so glad that she’s doing something that makes her happy.

Graduation Walking to Get Diploma

Technically she got her degree after the winter semester, but after waiting decades to get that diploma, I’m sure waiting one semester to actually walk felt like nothing.

Graduation 2013 Balloons Cascading

She actually started working on her Bachelor’s at the University that I went to this last semester so I’m excited to watch her walk again in a couple of years!

Congrats to the entire Class of 2013- but especially my Mom!

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day 2013

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! We had a nice, quiet one- exactly what I wanted.

Little kid with BIG muffin

First, the boys went to pick up some breakfast. I couldn’t decide if I wanted bagels or donuts so they went to the grocery store to buy donuts & Einstein’s for bagels {and the giant muffin}.

We hung out at home for most of the day- we watched a movie and the boys gave me my card which included my gift in the form of a note. For my gift, instead of the 1 or 2 days off Justin was planning for our San Diego “family honeymoon” trip next month, he’s taking the whole week off! This is a HUGE deal as he usually hates taking time off. I’m so, so excited.

Then we went to the in-laws to see my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. {I had seen my own Mom on Saturday when we all went to lunch for an early Mother’s Day.} Afterwards, I wanted to go see the ducks at this little pond nearby our house. I always ask to go, but Justin never wants to- but he couldn’t say no on Mother’s Day!

Family of baby ducks at Desert Shores Las Vegas

When we got there, we found a whole flock of fluffy ducklings!

Mama Duck & her ducklings

Their Mama Duck was very watchful, but since they live in a neighborhood they’re used to people.

Baby ducks taking a bath

They all stopped & starting grooming themselves- Shane thought it was so funny that it was bath time!

Some of them were walking SO cute I had to grab a video.

Baby ducklings

So that was my Mother’s Day! How was yours?

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