My Favorite Nutrisystem Foods {Week 5} #NSNation

chocolate chip scone nutrisystem

So now that I’ve been on Nutrisystem for a little over a month, I’ve gotten to sample a wide variety of the foods that they offer. I have to say that I was surprised many times by how incredibly good some of the food is. I mean- it’s “diet food”, and it’s all either shelf-stable or frozen. As … [Read more...]

Week Three Weigh-In! #NSNation


So, as you know, I went out of town this week. I spent two days in beautiful Hermosa Beach, CA at the Toyota Headquarters learning about their brand and lots of other amazing things I’ll be sure to share with you this week. But there was one downside: I wasn’t able to keep to my Nutrisystem plan! I … [Read more...]

Week Two Weigh-In {&Recipe!} #NSNation

Turkey Burger with Onion-Apple Relish

Well, I’m two weeks into my Nutrisystem plan now, so it’s time for another update! This week was a whole lot easier as far as sticking to the program, for two reasons: 1.) I’m getting way more used to it now & it’s becoming much easier to make better choices. 2.) I found the recipe section of … [Read more...]

Week One Weigh-In #NSNation

woman lifting weights

Well it's been a week, so it's time to check in with my progress on Nutrisystem! This week, I'm down 1.5 pounds. That's not a lot, but it's right on par with the suggested weekly weight loss of any healthy diet plan, Nutrisystem included, which suggest you lose between 1 & 2 lbs. per week. I … [Read more...]