Happy Birthday Shane!!!

Three years ago today, my water broke at around 5am.

Twelve hours went by with basically nothing & I was taken in for an emergency C-Section when Shane’s heart rate started plummeting & skyrocketing over and over.

Then this happened:

baby born

Then this happened:

just born baby
&Then this happened:

mom holding baby

&Now that tiny infant is my big three year old, who since those photos has not only actually become aware that he has fingers, and toes, but has even chosen a favorite color, shape, number, animal, food, even letter; has learned a catalog of songs that he’ll show off on demand; and has allowed me to see the world through the eyes of a child all over again.


Has anyone seen the last three years? I seen to have lost it somewhere.

Happy Birthday Shane!

What Keeps You Up At Night?

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. It could be any number of things: the short nap I take at 8pm, the caffeinated soda I drink while I blog at 1am, or even the stress of meeting deadlines &making sure I’m keeping up on emails. But I think the main culprit behind my lack of sleep is this:

Happy Toddler on Tricycle

I know, he looks really cute & innocent, right? &During the day, he totally is. He’s two, so he has his moments, but for the most part this little guy is my best friend. We play together, learn together, and just hang out together all day while Daddy is at work & then with Daddy when he gets home. But when the sun goes down & the moon comes up, it’s like he turns into a whole new person.

First of all, getting Shane into bed is a huge production. It can literally take an entire hour- not including bathtime- to get him to finally lay down & try to sleep. He freaks out about brushing his teeth {despite having just done it that morning}, getting his pajamas on, everything. Then, he always wants one more book, and then when I cut him off at three he gets upset because apparently, he wanted three different books, despite having just chosen moments before the three that we read.

Once I finally get him to bed, I take a nap. After all, it’s exhausting going through that routine night after night. {&Since we cosleep, I’m already in bed anyway.} So I set my alarm for an hour & close my eyes for a few. But when that alarm goes off, it’s time to get up & “go to work”. I blog & clean the house from roughly 9pm to 3am, that way I can spend the day with Shane. But then, no matter how exhausted I am at 3am, I never seem to be able to fall asleep. &When Justin’s alarm starts going off at 3:30am, and continues for half an hour, I definitely can’t sleep.

Finally, when Justin gets up to get ready for work & turns his alarm off, my exhaustion catches up to me &I am usually able to fall asleep. By now, it’s 4am, so I turn over & shut my eyes and soon enough I’m dreaming.

Until Shane kicks me in the face.

I need my own room.

What’s keeping you up at night?

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Susie’s Note: I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

A Costume, Conquered.

Everyday Victories logo

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It all started last Fall, when I was given the chance to choose a costume to review with Shane for Halloween. I knew immediately what Shane would want to be- Buzz Lightyear. He had been obsessed with the Toy Story trilogy since March & a six month infatuation for a then-barely-two-year-old was astounding. I asked Shane what he wanted to dress up as & when he said Buzz, I ordered the costume.

I waited what felt like FOREVER for the costume to finally arrive, and for a week I ran to the mailbox the minute the mailman drove away to see if it had arrived. Finally, it did, and I practically skipped into the house and called for Shane to come downstairs & see what had come for him.

Before I could even get it out of the box, Shane recognized the green, purple and white of the costume as being that of his favorite hero. He didn’t remember what a costume was {he had been only 14 months old the Halloween before} and wanted me to show him RIGHTNOW. Luckily for him, I was even more excited than he was, and I opened the packages as quickly as I could. We had gone all-out, purchasing not only the jumpsuit but the gloves and even the inflatable jet pack, so by the time I started opening the last package, he was growing impatient. Finally, all three were open & ready for him to wear them.

I blew up the jetpack, which Shane was fascinated by, and then I started to put the costume on him. It was a bit tricky, since it was all one piece and had a head piece, but I worked it onto him & started to pull it up. Very quickly, he started crying. Apparently, there was a little piece of velcro on it that I hadn’t seen & it had scraped against him a bit as I tugged the costume up. It didn’t cut him, just left a spot a little red, but he was scared by it & wanted the costume off immediately. It was almost as hard to take off as it was to put on, so Shane started to get a little panicky when it didn’t come off quickly enough for him. As I struggled to get the costume off, Shane struggled to get away, and I took the hint that he was not a fan.

I left the costume in the play room, sitting out to peak his interest. My hope was that he’d grow used to it by late August, and hopefully ask to wear it again. When mid-September came, and he hadn’t said a word, I began asking him if he’d like to try it on. He wasn’t shy about letting me know how badly he didn’t want to wear it. But, with a deadline to review the costume quickly approaching, I thought that maybe trying one more time would make him realize that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Toddler not liking costume

That backfired.

He ended up going as an “Army man” for Halloween, with a last-minute costume I threw together for $8. It turned out cute, but it wasn’t Buzz.

The Buzz costume was retired to his closet, where it hung {with the jet pack still inflated} for months. Every few weeks, Shane would come & ask me if he could wear his Buzz costume. I would always say yes, and go to grab it, excited that he may actually want to wear it finally. &Every time, before I could even get it down, he would change his mind.

Until last week. Last week, Shane asked for his costume. Like I’ve been doing for eight months, I got up & went to get it for him- although not in such a rush anymore since I knew he’d just say never mind before I got it, anyway. But this time, he let me grab the costume, and get it down, and he helped me take off his t-shirt as I got the costume ready to put it on him. I was cautious of the velcro, and I pulled the costume on gently. He asked for the jet pack with wings & I put that on, too. &Instead of freaking out, he simply jumped.

“Why are you jumping?” I asked.

“I want to fly like Buzz,” he said, “but I can’t. My wings don’t work.”

So I picked him up, and spun him around & around the room, so he could finally fly like his hero. It took three seasons, and countless tries, but finally, I got the smile I was looking forward to in September. Victory was mine.

Toddler Buzz Lightyear Costume

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What is your Everyday Victory story?

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Wordless Wednesday: Nebraska

At the beginning of the month, Justin, Shane and I went to Nebraska {yes, apparently people do that} to celebrate Justin’s Grandma’s 90th birthday! We were only there for about 36 hours, but we packed a lot into that short time!

Toddler's first plane ride

Shane got to go on his first plane ride!

Nebraska countryside

We drove. A LOT. But we couldn’t stop staring at how GREEN everything is in Nebraska! Everything is either dirt or dead out here.

Runza Restaurants

We went to Runza, which is a tradition for Justin’s family apparently. I had never heard of it but I couldn’t eat what they’re famous for anyway {it had beef} but Justin was happy!

toddler porch swing

Shane met some of his second cousins, which he was really excited about {mostly because they had fruit snacks}.

Drawn on painting

Shane managed to draw on a painting at an assisted living center {totally feel bad about that one but at least he used the right color…}

Toddler playground mall

We went to the mall & played at the playground in it.

Kid riding car

Shane got to ride in a car with a mouse- even though he was terrified as soon as the ride began {as usual}.

Toddler Carousel

Shane got to go on his first carousel!

mom toddler grandma carousel

&My mother-in-law and I may have ridden it with him once, too.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

Our Day Out with Thomas!

As I shared with you last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Day Out with Thomas tour in Boulder City, NV over the weekend & we had SO much fun!


We arrived at the tracks a bit early for our ride, so we decided to check out the other activities!


First, we pulled into the Imagination Station! There, we played with some fun train sets & made some cute pictures!

Then we hit the storytime tent, where we listened to a fun story all about Thomas & his friends. After the story, Shane got some pretty rad tattoos- a blue Thomas the Train one & a “green Thomas the Train” one {also known as Percy}.


Then it was our turn for a ride on Thomas & Shane LOVED it! He sat quietly with his hands folded, just watching out the window.

After the ride, Sir Topham Hat was waiting to meet the passengers, but Shane wasn’t so sure about that, so we just watched from afar. Shane DID want to check out the gift shop tent though, which is where we had to pry dozens of toys from Shane’s clutching hands. Luckily, Thomas the Train gave us a present to thank us for riding him- a cute little MEGA Bloks Thomas!


Despite the unseasonably cold day, we had a blast visiting Thomas. Every day since then, Shane has woken up and gone to sleep talking about it & asking to go see Thomas next time he’s in town.


Do you want to check out the Day Out with Thomas Tour? Check out the schedule to see when he’s pulling into YOUR station!

Susie’s Note: We received tickets to the Tour to facilitate this review. All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

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