Our Day Out with Thomas!


As I shared with you last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Day Out with Thomas tour in Boulder City, NV over the weekend & we had SO much fun! We arrived at the tracks a bit early for our ride, so we decided to check out the other activities! First, we pulled into the Imagination … [Read more...]

A So Good, So Sweet Memory

Sometimes, it’s the little moments in life that make the best memories.A couple of months ago, Justin & I decided on a whim to take Shane to the zoo. We had gone once before & while we only have a very small zoo here, Shane had loved it & had asked about going back for weeks. So finally, we decided … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday {with #Linky}: Happy Halloween!

halloween pumpkin decorations

I'm sure you've already seen a million people post Halloween pictures but it's just going to have to be a million & one. ;) So the day before Halloween, Shane got to "carve" a pumpkin! This is it before. Since Shane's only 2, we opted for one of those push-in kits. He picked out Cookie … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Late Bloomers {with #linky}

pink flower

While October is supposed to be full of falling leaves & pumpkin harvests, my backyard didn't get the memo. Thanks to the drop from 100 degrees to 72 and the rain we've been getting for almost a week, the flowers that we haven't seen since early Spring have all bloomed in the last couple of … [Read more...]