What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

This post is brought to you by my partnership with Tommee Tippee as a Tommee Mommee. All opinions are my own.

Now that school is starting on Monday, we’ve been trying to race the clock and have the last bit of fun before summer ends. I asked Shane the other day if there was anything that we didn’t get to do and he said the only thing we haven’t done is go to the splash pad- we did everything else he dreamt of doing this summer! {&Don’t tell Shane, but I’m totally taking him to the Splash pad on Friday.} So what have we been up to?

photo (1)

We hit some of Shane’s favorite restaurants, including the BBQ joint with the giant bear statue and the Hawaiian BBQ place.

photo (2)

We did some crafts as a family- here we made our own campfire!

photo (4)

We went to the library, where Shane maxed out the amount of books he could bring home within two minutes and then played puzzles for half an hour.

photo (5)

We hit the pool whenever we could!

photo (7)

Shane had his family birthday party…

photo (8)

…and his friend birthday party! He had a blast at both.

photo (9)

We spent a lot of time at Gymboree, since they are basically an indoor {i.e. air conditioned} playground.

hanging out

We even had some more casual days, watching TV or movies on the couch.

We had a lot of fun, but we hit some major milestones, too! Zac turned 6 months old on July 31st and Shane turned 5 on August 13th. Zac learned how to crawl, and began eating solid foods! He can even drink from a sippy cup now, which is kind of amazing.

Zac and his Tommee Tippee cup

Zac loves his Tommee Tippee sippy cup. It has two handles {not that he always uses them}, so he can hold it easily, and it’s the perfect size for him to be able to raise it up to drink from it. He can easily get his juice or water out of it, and he loves to gnaw on it, too. {Along with everything else in the house.}

Shane and his Tommee Tippee cup

Shane and Zac both love their Tommee Tippee products- even Shane drinks from Tommee Tippee cups {without a lid usually since he’s 5- but when he wants to bring drinks downstairs where there’s carpet, we do use the lids with the valve taken out, just to provide a little extra protection against stains from my clumsy kiddo}. Zac loves their pacifiers, too! He usually only uses one while he’s sleeping and he’s too light of a sleeper to take a photo when he’s sleeping, but it’s really cute.

You can find Tommee Tippee products at major retailers near you, including Babies R Us & Target. {You can also find them online.} As for the fun memories, you’ll have to make your own! I hope you had even half as much fun as we had this summer!

What did you do this summer?

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  1. Karen Glatt says

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful Summer. I went to the beach a lot and to the movies and to outdoor concert that was a blast on the 4th of July. I like going out in my sister’s boat and riding around. Summer is a time for so much fun. Your kids are so cute!!

  2. Tammy S says

    Great pictures! I love the picture of the guys laying on the couch watching TV. That is one that should be framed for sure!

  3. James Robert says

    I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Seems my kids are always wanting to eat but we did get to a waterpark for a weeekend getaway.

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