5 Tips for Healthy, Hydrated Skin

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I have always had skin issues. Living in the desert, I fight dry skin constantly. I also have eczema, so it’s even more important that I keep my skin hydrated and healthy. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for making sure my skin is healthy. Below are my top 5 tips to deeply nourish dry skin.

5 Tips for Healthy Skin

1. Drink enough water. If you’re dehydrated, your skin is more likely to be dehydrated as well.

2. Eat a healthy diet. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and healthy fats.

3. Use warm {not hot} water in the shower. Hot water removes natural oils from your skin, drying you out faster.

4. Pat your skin dry. Don’t rub your skin dry with a towel- it removes too much moisture and can cause flaking.

5. Moisturize. Use a great moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower, like Vaseline® Intensive Care™ moisturizing lotion.


Getting truly healthy skin starts with deep healing moisture. It’s not something you get by masking problems or through quick fixes. That’s why the healing power of Vaseline® Intensive Care™ moisturizing lotion is designed to go beyond basic moisturizing to help heal dry skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.


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  1. Karen Glatt says

    I like using the Vaseline Instensive Care lotion to help me with dry skin. I have a lot of bottles of it. And I also drink a lot of water and use heavy face cream.

  2. Cathy French says

    I always use very hot water in my shower so I tend to dry out my skin quite a bit. I use Oil of Olay on my face and another kind of lotion on my body.

  3. Stephanie Grant says

    When my skin start getting to dry I will run a very hot bath and put in some bath oil and will just relax for a bit and it always helps hydrate my skin. At other times I drink lots of water and use hydrating lotions after my nightly shower!

  4. Tammy S says

    I try to make sure I drink plenty of water and shower with cool water. I also moisturize several times a day.

  5. Laura J says

    Keeping my skin hydrated is something I really need to work on! Other than drinking water…thats about all I do. I really need to get a routine down for me to do daily!

  6. Lauralee Hensley says

    I was using lotion to keep it hydrated, but a person told me to try coconut oil. Actually coconut oil works great, but is a bit greasy. So, I imagine I’ll be going back to lotion to keep it hydrated because the greasy feel is not for me.

  7. Dara Nix says

    I use a lot of moisturizer and drink as much water as I can but in the Florida heat & humidity, keeping my skin hydrated is not always an easy task!

  8. Betty says

    I use lotion during the day but also have switched to only using bath gels that leave my skin with a healthy lotioned feel. Love rainbath

  9. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    After I shower I put a body cream all over my body daily and every time I shower. I don’t know that my skin stays hydrated but it’s definitely better than it would be otherwise.

  10. Joni Mason says

    I try to drink plenty of water and I moisturize as soon as I get out of the bath/shower, without drying off first.

  11. Donna Jacoby says

    I drink lots of water and use philosophy hand cream or body lotion when necessary. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Rebecca Orr says

    I make sure I wash with warm (not hot) water and I use a really moisturizing body wash. I have not always like applying lotion or cream, but I do now that I am getting closer to 30!

  13. Jackie says

    I make sure my skin is hydrated a couple different ways. Usually after a shower, I apply Boscia beauty oil (absolutely amazing for dry skin, but a little on the pricey side). My drug store favorites are Olay 7 Effects Moisturizer and Olay night recovery cream. The combination of those 3 products has completely transformed my skin in the past year.

  14. Jill Myrick says

    I drink at least eight glasses of water a day and apply lotion while my skin is still damp from the shower to help my skin stay hydrated.


  15. Vicki D. says

    I put body lotion on after I shower daily. Plus, I use a moisturizing lotion at night on my face especially.

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