Valentine’s Day DIY Decoupaged Candle Holder Craft

Looking for a pretty Valentine’s Day craft that is simple enough for the kids to do? Try this decoupaged candle holder craft! Use your imagination to decorate it to match your home décor or to make it special for the holiday. You can cut out hearts, X’s & O’s, flowers, or just do a lovely abstract in Valentine’s colors. Grab the supplies {you probably already have everything around the house already!}, call the kids to the table and have fun making one or two. This craft can also be repeated for all the holidays with just a few seasonal changes, and looks lovely sitting on your table. They make great teacher and grandparent gifts for Valentine’s Day as well.

DIY Valentine's Day Craft Decoupaged Candle Holder

Supplies Needed:

Glass candle holder
White tissue paper
Red or pink tissue paper
School glue


1. Make a homemade modge-podge by mixing equal parts glue and water in a small bowl.

2. Tear or cut white tissue paper into small pieces

3. Cut red or pink tissue paper into hearts of various sizes.

4. “Paint” the entire outside surface of your candle holder with your homemade modge-podge.

5. Press white tissue paper all over the outside of candle holder to completely cover.

6. “Paint” another coat on top of the white tissue paper.

7. Press shaped colored tissue paper into white tissue paper to create design.

8. “Paint” with another layer of modge-podge.

9. Allow to dry completely.

10. Drop a tea light into your candle holder for maximum drama and enjoy!


Thanks to contributor Jody for this fun craft idea!

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    um really modge podge is just glue and water? I did not know that! –> oh my gosh and sweetest picture of baby boy in the instagram pic to the side of this comment box – CONGRATULATIONS!
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