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On Justin’s side of the family, we do a Secret Santa gift exchange every year. The exchange includes Justin &I of course, as well as Justin’s parents, grandparents, aunt, sister & brother-in-law. It allows all of us to save quite a bit of money by only having to buy for one person each, and in theory makes gift giving easier because you only have to find the perfect gift for that one person.

But I am horrible at picking gifts! I lucked out this year & drew one of the women in the family, so at least it’ll be a little bit easier. I still don’t know what she’d actually like though, and since she only gets the one present, I want it to be good. So I’m building a list of possibilities & asking for help from those who know her best!

Install Bookmarklet

I’m using the pickURgift tool to build up a list of things that I think she might like. It’s easy to build your list- upon signing up for a free account at, you can install the “UR Button” on your browser. If you use the Pinterest bookmarklet, you may be familiar with how it works- it sits under your URL bar & whenever you’re on any website where there’s an item you want to add, you just hit the UR Button &it lets you add the item of your choice!

Secret Santa Shopping

The next step is to go shopping! Visit any site you want & easily add items to your Gift Lists with the bookmarklet. You’ll be able to select which picture you would like to use from the site and you can edit the title or add a description, if you’d like. You can even make several different lists for different people, either on the website & by using the bookmarklet.

Once you’ve found enough potential gifts, you can ask for other people’s opinions. pickURgift will send your list to whoever you’d like, and they can view everything on it. Then, they can leave their opinion directly on the list- whether they have something they think you should add, or if they know the person won’t like something or maybe would prefer another color, they can add it right onto your list for you to see.

Wish List

When your list is ready, you can send your list through pickURgift for the gift recipient to view and then they can select their favorite item! For the sake of the Secret Santa exchange, I won’t be doing this step because it does show you who is asking you to choose your gift, and obviously she’s not supposed to know it’s me. However, this is the best way to truly allow someone to pick their own present, while still seeing the thought you put into selecting the perfect gift.

I’ve actually been using the tool to keep track of what I want to get for Shane as well, even though he won’t be selecting his gift from it. It is just so easy to use the bookmarklet &easily keep track of all of the gift ideas I find all over the place! You can make as many lists as you want & view all of them easily in your dashboard.


Try It: Sign up for pickURgift today! Be sure to install the bookmarklet as well to make it even easier.

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    There are so many ways you can use this system outside of birthdays and holidays! If you have kids who are in college, have them create a list of the things that come up through the course of the year, that they need. It’s just a click away from being able to help them keep their dorms stocked and in style! ;-)
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