Preventing the Flu with Tips from Elizabeth Pantley

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When you’re a kid, winter is the season for sugar cookies, annual TV specials & a whole lot of days off of school. As a parent, it’s all of those things- plus snow shoveling for some, a crazy holiday time for most, and worse yet- flu season.

While flu season can actually run from October to May, depending on where you live, winter is notorious for catching the flu. Since the flu virus changes every single year, no one is immune {unless you’ve had it already this season}, so you can get it year after year after year. I got it pretty bad in January of this year &I was knocked out for quite awhile! I am particularly susceptible to bad symptoms due to my asthma, and now that I’m pregnant, it’s even worse. I’ll be getting a flu shot ASAP- I don’t want to be one of the people who end up in the hospital every year from the flu, especially with baby on board.

Flu season prevention tips

The flu virus can live on surfaces for up to eight hours, and it can take 1 to 4 days for children to exhibit symptoms once the virus has entered their bodies, so to prevent spreading the flu it’s important to be proactive. While the flu shot is the most sure-fire way to make yourself immune against the flu, there are other steps that you can take {before, in addition to, or instead of the flu shot}.

To help prevent catching &spreading the flu:

-Lather and scrub your hands for 20 seconds to remove germs

-Cough or sneeze into a tissue

-Wait 24 hours after your child’s fever goes away before sending them back to school, daycare, etc.

-Be sure to actually disinfect, rather than just mildly cleaning

-Be sure your children get enough sleep

Every year, up to 20% of people get the flu. More than 200,000 of those people end up in the hospital & 20,000 of them are children under 5, so it’s important to be careful. You can learn a lot more about the flu in the “A Parent’s Guide to Flu Season” ebook {written by Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution} available on Facebook for free. You can learn more prevention tips, get facts about the flu, and learn why it’s so important to protect yourself! You can also learn more below from this great infographic:

Help Protect Your Family from the Flu{See it bigger here}

Whether the flu shot is right for your family or not, be sure to read up on the flu itself so you know how to best prevent it from affecting your family!

How do you prevent your family from getting the flu?


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  1. Janet W. says

    Those are great tips on how to prevent spreading germs and the flu! We always wash our hands after returning home from shopping, school, etc.

  2. Maria Iemma says

    I always get the flu shot but my son cannot take the vaccine and these tips are going to hopefully help him avoid it.

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