How Will You Give Back on #GivingTuesday?

Note: I was compensated for my work on this campaign; however, that compensation will be going towards #GivingTuesday efforts. All opinions are my own.

This year, when Black Friday is over &everyone logs offline from Cyber Monday, a new movement will occur for the 2nd year- Giving Tuesday! While Thanksgiving is a time for us to give thanks for what we have, Giving Tuesday is a day for us to give back some of that abundance in whatever ways we can.

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Giving back has always meant so much to me. While I haven’t always been able to give money, I have always tried to give my time when I could, volunteering at an animal shelter, helping to organize fundraising events for charity while in college, and promoting good causes both on the blog & elsewhere.

Lately I’ve also been in a position to give back monetarily as well as with “stuff”. I have been decluttering a lot of things in our house & instead of having a garage sale, it’s been going to charity. I even have a few opportunities going on with brands right now where I exchange a blog post for a donation to a charity {this is actually one of them, as is a partnership I have coming up that is donating quite an impressive sum to my local animal shelter- and you all know how I feel about animals}.

All of those instances of giving back are important to me. I have had many moments in my life where I needed help, so to be able to give it whenever I can just makes sense to me. In addition, I want to be sure that I’m raising Shane to do the same. He’s fortunate enough that he is growing up in a household that doesn’t need help, which makes it even more important to me to strive to make sure that I teach him compassion for others & that it really is better to give than to receive.

Giving Back through Operation Christmas Child

Last year, we packed &shipped an Operation: Christmas Child box. Shane & I chose some small gifts as well as some necessities like a toothbrush & socks to donate to a child in need, then wrapped it up & sent it off. Since then, Shane has been more understanding of giving things to others who don’t have as much as he does, and he will sometimes even ask if we can buy two of something- one for him, and one for a child in need.

This year, I plan on picking up a few extra brand new toys & games from the store to donate to toy drives, and I fully intend on letting Shane pick them out so that he feels involved as well. &Because I know that toys are a huge part of the holidays but that kids still need to eat, we’ll be picking up extra non-perishables on every grocery trip to donate to food drives all over town. A few cans of food here & there can really make a difference to someone who has nothing, and it will allow me to continue to show Shane that it is important to think of others &not just ourselves.

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This year, when everyone else is still in their shopping comas from Black Friday, I’ll be spending Giving Tuesday teaching my son a lesson- through example- that really matters. Will you find a way to give back?

How will you give back on Giving Tuesday or during this holiday season?


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  1. Christine says

    We give back by donating all of our old toys, clothing and canned good at this time every year. We also donate to the local Salvation Army and local food bank every year.


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