Halloween Hairstyle Ideas & Tutorials from Suave Kids!

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With Halloween creeping it’s way closer every day, most of our kiddos have chosen what they want to dress as. We’ve thought of everything- costumes, accessories, even shoes- but what about their hair? After all, it’s hard to pull off a spooky costume with a comb-over.

Suave Kids, a line that we keep in Shane’s bathroom all the time, has a selection of products that can help you get the Halloween effect you’re going for! Start out with some good, clean fun with their 3-in-1 shampoo, and then style your little ghost or goblin’s hair just right with one of their styling products, including Cool Ocean Styling Gel {a favorite around here} or Styling Mousse.

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Check out these great hairstyles from Suave Kids!

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How-To: Metal Mohawk

Have some old ripped jeans and a cut up t-shirt? Create a cool, 80s-inspired Halloween costume that your boys will love!

-Spray Hair with water.
-Comb hair flat down.
-Add a generous amount of Suave® Kids Styling Mousse to hair and form the Mohawk with a comb and your hands.

Metal Mohawk Hairstyle for Halloween

Image 3

How-To: Messy Monster

Have an old white coat and big glasses lying around? Create an easy, affordable, and monstrous mad scientist costume with messy hair!

-Wash hair using Suave®’s 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash
-Towel dry hair.
-Take a section of hair and apply Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel. Use one hand to separate a small section of hair from the rest, then use the other hand to apply a liberal amount of gel to that section. Grasp the hair at the roots, and smooth the gel up to the tips. Hold your hand there for a moment to let it set.
-The smaller the section of the hair you grab, the smaller the spike will be. You can alternate between small and large ones.
-Pull hair in the direction you want the spike to go. To create a messier look, pull spikes in all different direction.
-Repeat these steps, using plenty of Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel to continue sculpting all the hair.

Messy Monster Hairstyle for Boys Halloween

Image 3

How-To: Gatsby Getup

Find a cute, vintage-inspired headband to create an easy and adorable Gatsby-inspired Halloween costume!

-Section the crown into a triangle shape with a defined side part.
-Wrap the hair around a curling wand, moving forward, and secure each curl with a pin.
-Curl the remainder of the head (no need to pin). Remove hair clips from top and brush hair into a S-wave pattern. Take a small amount of Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel to smooth any flyaways. Pin clips to hold it down.
-For long hair, gather strands into a low ponytail, twist into a faux bob and pin up.
-To complete the look, remove pins from the front of hair and add a stretchy headband just above the eyebrows.

Image 3

Shane stops to smell every variety of Suave Kids product in the aisle every time I am picking something up for myself, so we’ve built up quite the collection! The scents &characters on the bottle are fun- and of course, so are these Halloween hairstyle ideas! Shane prefers the “moohawk” for his hairstyle, but likes the name of the Messy Monster- as soon as I told him what it was called he insisted on practicing his monster face!

Monster Faces 2

Suave Kids can help your little one get the perfect Halloween look- and even better, when the fun is all over & everyone’s in a candy coma, Suave Kids can help make clean-up easy! Easily wash away leftover face paint &sticky hands and bring your little one’s normal hairstyle back with Suave Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and body wash!

Buy It: You can find Suave Kids products at Walmart for the best value! They are available both online & in-store.

How will you be doing your little one’s hair for Halloween?

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