{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School!

On Monday, Shane went to school for the first time ever!

Shane's First Day of Preschool 2013

He’s been very excited all summer- well at least, since we visited his school & he discovered his classroom would have toys & that there was a playground! All summer he’s been telling people that after he turned 4, he’d get to go to school. So naturally, since turning 4 two weeks ago he’s been asking nonstop about it. Monday was finally the big day!

Shane and Lilly First Day of School 2013

He has a couple of friends from outside of school that are in his class so he’s really happy about that. One of them is my friend’s adorable daughter Lilly! Shane told me he sat next to her at school on Monday, but that he also made “all the friends that were there”.

Picking Shane up from his first day of school

When we picked him up, he hopped into the car & couldn’t stop gushing about his first day! He told us that he had a snack- “They were the crackers from my Lunchables, but they had sugar on them & they tasted different” {I’m assuming he means salt}, he was SO excited that they played “bridge game” since he fell in love with it at orientation Friday, and he told us that he only had a few minutes to play & then it was “teaching time”. He seemed to really understand everything, and I was able to clearly picture his whole day. &He couldn’t WAIT to go back today!

Shane and Lilly hugging first day of school

I hope your kiddos have {or had} a great first day of school!

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  1. Aww, so glad he had a great first day and met some of his friends. That last photo of them hugging is so adorable.
    Onica {MommyFactor} recently posted..My Life in Storage – Wordless Wednesday

  2. Oh my gosh, that last pic of them hugging is just the cutest! You captured some great back to school memories.
    Angela@AboutAMom recently posted..Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

  3. how cute! I hope he’s loving it!
    Katie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – 50 pounds!

  4. Looks like he had a great day, especially since Lilly was there to make the transition easy on him.
    Kira recently posted..A Day at the Peach Orchard – #WordlessWednesday #WW

  5. he is so cute :-) and looks adorable in the uniform
    Trista Anderson recently posted..Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Fair Time

  6. How adorable, hope he has a great year!

  7. Awwww, he is so adorable! Sounds like he had a perfect first day.
    Jenn- The Rebel Chick recently posted..At Home Fertility Treatment Available with The Stork #TheStork

  8. Oh my gosh! They are too adorable. My oldest starts school next Wednesday. I am so nervous and excited my babies are growing up.

  9. Awww so great that he loved it.

  10. He looks so handsome! I’ve seen that fun photo sign on other blogs too, where did you get it?
    Tammy recently posted..Back to School Review & Giveaway with Flattenme Personalized Gifts

  11. Aww! It’s so much fun hearing about their days once they start school! He sure sounds like he’s enjoying it already, adorable photos!
    Henrietta recently posted..{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Purple Plum Tree #ww

  12. The hug in that last picture is just too sweet!
    Amber K recently posted..Using Ordinary Objects for Not So Ordinary Things

  13. Awww! What a cutie! I am so glad he enjoyed his first day of school!
    Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews recently posted..Delicious and Nutritious Microwave Meals

  14. such sweet pictures. I sent my ‘baby’ off to his first day of Kindergarten (he didn’t do pre-K) today and it was so bittersweet.
    Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy recently posted..First Day of Kindergarten

  15. Awwww, how sweet! My little man started school (2nd grade) a couple weeks ago. :)
    HilLesha recently posted..Homecoming Trends for 2013

  16. LOVE the hugging pic! I’m so glad he did so well and had so much fun! So many other stories I’ve heard have been the total opposite of how Shane acted… I’d much rather have a happy kid and cry leaving them than a sad kid and REALLY cry leaving them! He’s such a big boy (and so freakin’ cute)!
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Arizona Sunsets

  17. So sweet! I’m glad he had a good day, it makes it much easier on Mommy, doesn’t it? :)
    Stacie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Full Moon

  18. Did Mommy cry?
    Nolie recently posted..How Dare You Enroll Your Son In Scouts Canada

  19. Yay for first day of school!
    Brandy recently posted..Technology and Gaming: Not Just for the Boys

  20. oh i love the hugging one. Super cute! They get so big so fast!

  21. Oh my! Did he get a girlfriend on the first day of school?
    LyndaS recently posted..The Whole Fromage – A Book Review + Some Interesting Facts

  22. How exciting I’m so glad he had such a great first day! Cute photos too!
    Colleen recently posted..MobileGo for iOS Giveaway : (Ends 9/20)

  23. HOW CUTE!!! I hope he has a great year!

  24. What a fun first day at school. I love these days! I’m glad he’s soaking it all in. He sure is growing up!
    Mimi recently posted..#ad Our Family Will Fight Hunger With Tyson #HungerHeroes #cfk

  25. So glad he had a great first day of school!
    Vanessa: thequeenofswag recently posted..Join Me For Some Wedding Fun At Dolly Couture! #Wedding

  26. Aww that’s so sweet! I’m glad he had a great first day.
    Stefanie recently posted..Family Getaway: Two Days in Marco Island, FL

  27. What great photos. Hope he had a great first day of school.
    Mellisa recently posted..Stay Organized This Fall with M by Staples™ Arc Customizable Leather Notebooks

  28. Such cuteness! I kinda dread the day M goes to school but I know she’ll love it too!
    courtney recently posted..Tommee Tippee Limited Edition Royal Baby Products

  29. So darn cute. I’m glad he enjoyed himself.
    Robin Gagnon recently posted..Gear Up for Gameday with Great Prizes & Recipes! #HungryForFootball

  30. Awww. He is so cute, and I love that last photo. So glad he is excited about school!
    Kathleen recently posted..Meal Time Made Easy When #CansGetYouCooking

  31. Awww, it definitely looks like he was ready for preschool! It looks like he’s going to love it.
    Tiff @ Babes and Kids recently posted..Our New Little Lady!

  32. Oh my goodness, I love that last photo. So sweet! My son is getting ready to start his 4th week in the 5th grade this coming week, and let me tell you, it seems like just yesterday he was starting Kindergarten. Sigh.
    Donna recently posted..Cars vs. Motorcycles: 4 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe On The Road

  33. Shane looks so adorable and I’m happy he had a great first day! All three of my kids are really loving school thus far.
    Marcie W. recently posted..Top Ways To Spend Labor Day

  34. Awww! So glad his first day went so well. My little one shed some tears on her first day of Kindergarten but is doing much better this week.
    Danielle H recently posted..Watch Willow Grow: 1 Year 2 Weeks

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