Staying Cool & Hydrated with an Indoor Picnic Featuring SnapTea from Snapple


You may have noticed the incredibly, ridiculously hot heat wave that’s hit my part of the country the last couple of weeks. Here in Vegas, we tied our hottest temperature on record- FOUR different days- which is 117. {Which is what they recorded at the airport, which is one of the coldest parts of town. It literally hit over 120 by me.} Anyway, because of this heat, we’ve been particularly careful about staying hydrated. The thing is, plain water gets really boring when you’re drinking that much of it, so we definitely have been adding in extra drinks to add a little variety. One of the drinks we’ve chosen is SnapTea from Snapple- a lemon tea that is both refreshing & delicious {&totally breaks up the monotony of water}.

SnapTea at Walmart

We recently went to Walmart to pick up some of the tea & not only did they have these giant gallons for a great price {only $2.78!}, but I was also able to snag a $1 off coupon online to make it even cheaper. Score! This coupon is available until September 30th in areas that have Walmarts that carry SnapTea. {Ps. You can view the rest of my shopping trip here.}

Snapple SnapTea Picnic

I’ve been wanting to have a picnic lately but it’s so hot here, even at night {it’s currently 12:15AM & still 97 degrees outside} so we decided to do an indoor picnic! I pulled out all of our picnic stuff- the picnic basket complete with settings & silverware, the red & white picnic blanket & of course some yummy food. Since we had our picnic inside, we were able to use our oven to make pizza instead of relying on PB&J {although that’s what Shane opted for anyway} &we added in a few extra snacks, like grapes, chips, and frozen ice pops.

Shane at a picnic

We watched a movie while we ate and halfway through his sandwich, Shane stopped &said, “This is the  best picnic ever!” I had to agree- instead of the typical army of ants that crash most picnics, we just had one big furry guest {that would be Bella Notte}, and our blanket was right under the vent for the air conditioning. It was a lot of fun!


As for the SnapTea, Justin is picky about tea but even he liked it. &I love it as a great caffeine-free option since I am obviously off caffeine for awhile. Shane isn’t a big tea fan just yet, but he does enjoy other Snapple drinks, so I picked up a kiwi strawberry for him. I plan on taking some tea along with me next time I go watch him at soccer class, too {thankfully, his class is indoors}- there’s just something so Summery about the combination of iced tea & kids playing sports!

Coming soon, Walmart will be running a Snapple on-the-go photo contest! The contest hasn’t started yet, but keep an eye out & start snapping your pictures now!

Shane and BellaShane with our party crasher

An indoor picnic was a really fun way to stay cool during the summer. If you are looking for even more summer fun ideas, be sure to check out the Live SoFab magazine, which features tons of fun ideas including recipes, fashion, &even an article on planning a great picnic! You can check it out below:

Whether you need a cool drink to bring with you to sports practice or you want something to sip next to the pool, be sure to check out the great deal on #SnapTea!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy iced tea?

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    • says

      I don’t blame you for that one bit!! The heat IS ridiculous. My parents dragged me here when I was 6 so I didn’t have the choice to move home- and now that I grew up here, much as I want to leave this heat, all of my family & friends are here so I see us staying here for awhile.

  1. says

    I love your party crasher – so cute and the iced tea looks delicious. It’s been so hot and humid here that an indoor party sounds great!


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