{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: June Recap!

Since I used last week’s Wordless Wednesday to announce the addition to our family, I totally missed doing my June recap! So without further ado:

Road Trip- San Diego Bridge

We spent the first week of the month enjoying our family honeymoon! We drove to San Diego- we drove in on Monday & left Thursday night. It was so much fun!

Shane posing on giant rhino statue at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where Shane insisted on posing with every statue he found.

Shane posing on foot massager at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

…even the ones that weren’t actually statues.

Shane at Legoland California

The next day, we went to Legoland, where Shane decided that he wanted to ride every ride {even roller coasters!}. There were only two that he wasn’t big/old enough for that we saw so he hit almost every ride.

Seaworld San Diego- One Ocean

The last day, we went to SeaWorld San Diego, which was fun until Shane decided he didn’t like getting splashed by the whales. Unfortunately, we were in the splash zone & got drenched. Lesson learned.

Bella and the Helicopter

A couple of days after we came home, our AC broke. Just in time for a giant heat wave that included temperatures anywhere from 105 {normal here} to 117+. It was over 90 degrees in our house, even at night, so we had to spend two weeks at my in-laws’ house while we waited for them to replace our AC unit.

We brought Bella with us, who met her arch nemesis- the remote controlled helicopter.

Bounce House

My cousin graduated from high school this year and turned 18 so we went to his party to celebrate with him! It was nice seeing a lot of my family that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Soccer shirt Gymboree

Shane started soccer again after having taken one 9-week session off.


He was also finally brave enough to actually go somewhere to get his hair cut! Justin’s been cutting it for at least 2 years because Shane was too scared &panicked every time. Now he prefers the kid salon so that makes it easier for all of us!

That’s about all we did- the first week of the month was jam-packed but I have had really bad morning sickness since the weekend after that so I haven’t really done much. It’s starting to get a little better though, so hopefully July will be a blast!

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    Love the pic of Shane on the Rhino. He is such a cutie (Shane – the rhino looks kinda grumpy)! That is crazy about Bella and the helicopter. My dog hides with the remote control toys come out. Both boys have helicopters, cars and trucks!
    Kay M. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ Memory Park

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