{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Crimes

Growing up, I was never exactly stylish. There were times that I thought I was, but in retrospect, I was not even close. {&I’m still not. Unless living in your pj’s is in style this season.} Let’s take a look at some of my more memorable choices:


Floral: Yeah, yeah, it’s coming back- but I’m of the opinion that it was never “in” to begin with.


Neon: Because duh, 1992.

little shelly

Lace Bib Dresses: Haunting children of the 80’s & 90’s for decades to come.


Blue tongue: The three-year-old’s first foray into cosmetics. {Or the result of delicious Push-Up pops. Whichever.}


The hat phase: I totally had a beanie phase. My sister even mentioned it in my wedding toast- “I don’t think we saw the top of her head for a year!” There’s a really good chance that’s true. &I lived in Vegas, where beanies should really never be a thing except for like two weeks in January.


The athletic look: For a few months I was pretty sure I was Sporty Spice. Despite not being any good at any sport. Ever. {RIP Grandpa, I love you!}


Punk: I was super cool in junior high & wore zippers, plaid & studs on everything. For like two months. Then I realized listening to Green Day didn’t actually make you punk. Though my outfit in this picture is still far more stylish than my brother’s {though less adorable}.


Eyeliner: My goodness, the amount of eyeliner I used in high school & college. I’m surprised I didn’t single handedly cause a shortage. I still wear it but not quite like before. {I do miss that hat though.}


Pajamas all day: Oh, wait. Yeah. I still do this.

What was your worst fashion crime growing up?

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    It’s going to be hard to pick my worst fashion crime with so many to choose from… I too was a little pynkish, and back in the late 80s/early 90s hair dye wasn’t quite as easy to come by. I would literally go to the hardware store, buy silver/chrome metallic spray paint, and spray my bangs with it. It wouldn’t come out for weeks, but that was perfect as far as I was concerned.
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