{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Crimes

Growing up, I was never exactly stylish. There were times that I thought I was, but in retrospect, I was not even close. {&I’m still not. Unless living in your pj’s is in style this season.} Let’s take a look at some of my more memorable choices:


Floral: Yeah, yeah, it’s coming back- but I’m of the opinion that it was never “in” to begin with.


Neon: Because duh, 1992.

little shelly

Lace Bib Dresses: Haunting children of the 80’s & 90’s for decades to come.


Blue tongue: The three-year-old’s first foray into cosmetics. {Or the result of delicious Push-Up pops. Whichever.}


The hat phase: I totally had a beanie phase. My sister even mentioned it in my wedding toast- “I don’t think we saw the top of her head for a year!” There’s a really good chance that’s true. &I lived in Vegas, where beanies should really never be a thing except for like two weeks in January.


The athletic look: For a few months I was pretty sure I was Sporty Spice. Despite not being any good at any sport. Ever. {RIP Grandpa, I love you!}


Punk: I was super cool in junior high & wore zippers, plaid & studs on everything. For like two months. Then I realized listening to Green Day didn’t actually make you punk. Though my outfit in this picture is still far more stylish than my brother’s {though less adorable}.


Eyeliner: My goodness, the amount of eyeliner I used in high school & college. I’m surprised I didn’t single handedly cause a shortage. I still wear it but not quite like before. {I do miss that hat though.}


Pajamas all day: Oh, wait. Yeah. I still do this.

What was your worst fashion crime growing up?

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  1. LOL! I committed many of the same fashion crimes, and am also terrified any time I see them coming back as popular. Yikes. However, PJs all day is my life. Love it.
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Feeding the Dog

  2. Easton Rimer says:

    Very nice pictures Shell.

  3. I think we all go thru some fashions “what was I thinking” stages. I use to LOVE floral prints. Head to toe :)
    Onica {MommyFactor} recently posted..Booger Love – Wordless Wednesday

  4. The great thing about style is it is an individual thing. My daughter is very picky and has her “own” style and I love it!
    Colleen recently posted..Not All Flip Flops Are Created Equal

  5. I think you rock your looks! :)

  6. Carolyn G says:

    WOO! We all created fashion crimes but I blame my parents since they bought the clothes!

  7. What a great series of pictures. (I especially like the pajamas all day pictures – we have those days with the kids now – they are a treat).

    I actually think I had pants that looked like the SOFA in your push-up pop picture. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up in the 70s. :D
    Dianna @ oyveyaday recently posted..{Wordless Wednesday} These Boys Love to Swim

  8. Been there. Done that. Lol!
    Marina recently posted..Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Tiger Does Not Lose Sleep

  9. The first outfit with the yellow hat totally reminds me of the show Blossom. :)
    Marianna recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: A Drive With Elvis

  10. I didn’t have much style either I will have to see if I can find some pictures and post them next week…but you were a cutie :-)
    Trista Anderson recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

  11. You were adorable!! Who wouldn’t want to stay in pjs all day!!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted..Indiana w/w

  12. I don’t think the floral is as bad as you think it is. And yeah, that’s a lot of eyeliner. LOL
    Katy Rawson recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Monument Circle

  13. Aww, you were adorable! I have my share of lace bib, boxer shorts with sweatshirts and rolled/pinned stonewashed jeans fashion fobs in my past too :)
    Henrietta recently posted..{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Graduation Party #ww

  14. OMGosh haha I LOVE this post!! I think we all went through these phases, too funny! I love looking through old photos like these (and mine).
    Danielle @ We Have It All recently posted..Save on Back-to-School Supplies with White Cloud Facial Tissue Mulitpacks

  15. Such a fun look back. I went through several of those same stages!
    Whitney @ It’s Gravy, Baby! recently posted..Day Out with Thomas 2013

  16. Aww, Shell! You were (and still ARE!) absolutely adorable! Love the eyeliner pic – reminds me of my youngest daughter. She’ll sleep in it, and just reapply over it the next day! Well, she used to. I think she’s finally growing up…lol!
    Kay M. recently posted..Navasota’s Historic Architecture for WW {Linky!}

  17. I think you for stylish throughout all your phases of life! I’m a huge fan of hats, so they never go out of style. :)
    Donna recently posted..ID Theft And Your Teen: What You Need To Know

  18. I grew up in the 70s, so Fortrell & Bellbottoms. Nuff Said. And can I say your son looks just like you when you were little!
    Tammy recently posted..New Advil PM SleepHelp App Launches – Giveaway

  19. You were oh so cute as a little girl!

  20. aww the first outfit is pretty cute!

  21. You were (and still are) adorable!!
    Elaina- A Time Out for Mommy recently posted..Rhubarb Cake (topped with Fruity Pebbles)

  22. Your pictures are adorable!! Some of your styles look just like the way my mother dressed me.
    Stefanie recently posted..Spending The Day At SeaWorld #mykissimmee

  23. Cute! Love the yellow hat and leggings in the first picture
    Anne recently posted..Wordless Wednesday–First Tomatoes

  24. I love these! It’s so much fun to look at photos of people in different stages of their life.
    Mellisa recently posted..Tips on Organizing Your Laundry Room #BrilliantHEClean

  25. I don’t really remember the type of clothes which I wore when I was little but I’m certain that i didn’t care about trends and I still don’t.
    Dominique Goh recently posted..Busy Busy Bees

  26. This is absolutely hilarious! Love it and guilty of many as a 80′s child myself. How about the floral print turtlenecks as a kid or the brittany spears knee high look in the 90′s. (hangs head in shame)
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted recently posted..Comment on {wordless wednesday} Week Away by Anne

  27. hahahaha looks like we had some similar styles growing up. The lace tops/dresses were so totally cool to our parents weren’t they. I swear everyone I know had one at one time.
    Jenn- The Rebel Chick recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Feeding Seagulls

  28. Sadly, I have too many fashion crimes to list, lol. My husband would say m NAU sweater was the worst.
    Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving recently posted..Whole Foods partners up with Vitamin Angels to help those at Risk #giveaway #spon

  29. Aww you’re so adorable in the lace bib dress!

  30. Hey, your fashion looks similar to mine! What about the leggings with the elastic things at the bottom that went around the foot? Rider leggings, maybe?
    Chokers? Berets? LOL
    Jenn L recently posted..Couponing Made Simple by Christi the Coupon Coach (Review)

  31. It’s going to be hard to pick my worst fashion crime with so many to choose from… I too was a little pynkish, and back in the late 80s/early 90s hair dye wasn’t quite as easy to come by. I would literally go to the hardware store, buy silver/chrome metallic spray paint, and spray my bangs with it. It wouldn’t come out for weeks, but that was perfect as far as I was concerned.
    Jai recently posted..Simply Potatoes Review

  32. Love it! I went through the Sporty Spice phase in middle school, haha.
    HilLesha @To the Motherhood recently posted..Say Goodbye to Bugs with Chemical-Free Mosquito Repellent with Organic India

  33. Love these pictures – so fun! I still am in my PJ’s all day and make up never really occurred to me how little you need to use to look good until I was 20 lol
    courtney recently posted..Jellys Are Back! Jelly Bean Jelly Shoes Review

  34. Everything old becomes new again, whether we want it to or not.. lol.

  35. Oh my goodness, you were so adorable growing up! =)
    Mimi recently posted..Buzzworthy Books of Summer iPad Mini Giveaway Event

  36. I totally love the one of you in the lace bib dress!! Adorable!
    Lolo recently posted..Disney Planes Clips and Planes Coloring Sheets! #DisneyPlanesEvent

  37. Ha! I think we all have our fashion crimes from when we were young. I should show mine sometime…or not LOL
    Toni recently posted..Weight Loss Talk: Support Is Key #Shaklee180 #ShakleeBlogger

  38. I still think “I remember buying it, i remember wearing it, here is a picture to prove it…and I STILL can’t believe I wore it in public!” LOL
    Jessica @ Mommies2Cents recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Flight of the Hummingbird

  39. I love that picture of you in the hat!

    My worst crime was probably the “cowboy” look … SUPER tight jeans, button up shirts and boots … it was NOT pretty.
    Sara Phillips recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  40. This post had me cracking up. Love it.
    Danielle Harper recently posted..SweepstakesMax Makes Entering Giveaways a Snap! {Plus $50 PayPal Giveaway}

  41. I am all about pajamas all day. Some days you just need it!
    Laura Grace Andry recently posted..I am planning on visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center

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