Letters to My Son: The Big Brother!

Dear Shane,

This month you got some fun news- you’re going to be a big brother!! While it didn’t quite sink in at first, you’ve gotten quite excited about the idea of a live-in playmate. You’ve already promised to teach “special brother or sister” how to do somersaults, and to play with them all the time.

Family on the Beach

I know you’re a little worried, but it’s not in the way I expected. At {not quite} 4 years old, you’re already concerned about fulfilling your brotherly duties- you’ve expressed concern that you don’t know how to change diapers {even though you won’t need to}- though should you learn how, I would gladly let you help with that! When I told you you’d be the best big brother ever, you told me that you didn’t think so because you get sad & angry sometimes. I explained to you that everyone feels sad & angry sometimes, and that seemed to make you feel better.

You are definitely WAY more excited about the sibling idea than stressed about it- these thoughts you’ve shared with me seem to be very fleeting & the problems you have come up with have been easily solved. However, it makes me happy to see how seriously you’re already taking your role as big brother, despite the newness of the situation to you & how very, very young you are to be feeling such great responsibility.

Dad and Son at Legoland

You’ve been very curious as well- asking where exactly the baby is in my belly, and at first asking almost nightly if the baby would be ready to come out the next day. You really want a brother, but have said that you’d be happy with a sister as well. I know the next 31 weeks will be quite a long wait for you {and Daddy & I too!} but to see how involved you’ve already been just gives me a preview into what an amazing & hands-on brother you’re going to be.

All of that said, you’ll always be my first child, and that’s a very, very special connection. I hope that despite the changes that will happen around here, you know how important you are to us & how much we love you.



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  1. Michele P says

    loved reading the letter to your son! And congrats to you and your family on the new addition!

    • says

      Yeah, I’m sure there will be some jealousy but my hope is that the happiness outweighs it, at least eventually when the baby can actually play with Shane. We’ll see! :)


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