Being Proactive About My Oral Health with My Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush #powerupursmile

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Before I got pregnant, I had an appointment set to get a couple of fillings. I didn’t go to the dentist growing up {really- I went when I was 2 & then again when I was 23} so I had a couple of small cavities that needed attention. However, I got pregnant before I could actually get to that appointment, and since you can’t get fillings while you’re pregnant, that’s been put on hold. The cavities don’t cause me any pain usually, but I know that when you’re pregnant, it takes a toll on your oral health. I don’t want those cavities to get any worse before I can treat them, and I definitely don’t want to add to the count, so I wanted to be sure I was doing everything I could to help. I am already very particular about my oral hygiene though, so aside from buying a $200+ Philips Sonicare toothbrush, I wasn’t sure what else I could do.

However, I recently learned about the Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush, a much, much more affordable option available at Walmart! For less than $20, I could get a toothbrush from Sonicare that promised to give a month’s worth of brushstrokes in one day! I had to try it- even if it didn’t work, or I didn’t like it, I was only out roughly $18.

Philips Sonicare PowerUp in stores

So the boys & I went to Walmart {you can view that shopping trip on Google+ here} &I brought it home and used it for a week. You know those skin care commercials that claim that 98% of users noticed a visable difference in their skin from the first use? Usually I don’t believe those, because for me it always takes at least a few tries. Not with this. From the very first time I used it, I noticed a giant difference in the cleanliness of my entire mouth.

Philips Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush

The toothbrush is battery-powered &has a two-minute timer that helps you brush for the full dentist-recommended time. I definitely believe that bit about the month’s worth of brush strokes- that toothbrush is crazy fast & I know that I never came close using my manual toothbrush. I can feel the difference, too- my teeth are totally clean on the front, back and even in between. I was able to pinpoint a couple of weak spots in my gums by using this & I made sure to spend extra time on those spots all week. Now the sensitivity in those spots has reduced drastically & I know those gums are getting healthier!

This toothbrush had a bit of a learning curve for me, only because I was used to a manual toothbrush & this one is very strong. I hit my teeth with it a couple of times the first day or two just because I wasn’t used to having to position it but that quickly went away. Also, I had no idea how long two minutes really was! I honestly thought I’d been doing it for two minutes this whole time but there’s no way. That’s a good thing, though- now that this times me, I am actually brushing as long as I should be.

Cleaning with a toothbrush

So what about my old toothbrush? It’s been downgraded to a cleaning tool! I like to use old toothbrushes to help clean cracks & crevices that are too small for other sponges & cleaners, like around the bathroom faucet. &They’re the perfect size for the tops of baseboards!

A lot of things we use daily haven’t changed much over the years. Toothbrushes seem like one of those things- until something like the Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush comes along. Check out this fun video for more on the evolution of toothbrushes!

Shane holding a Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush

{Shane wanted to model the toothbrush for me!}

Buy It: This brand new, affordable toothbrush is available at Walmart from Sonicare for under $20. {$17.97 to be exact.}

Learn More: Check out Philips on Facebook & Twitter for more information!

What kind of toothbrush do you use?

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    That’s what I’ve been thinking about the 2 minute timer on the PowerUp…I *think* I’ve been brushing that long, but got to wondering if I really am? I bet when I start using the PowerUp, I’m going to notice that I’m brushing longer. Great to hear about your experience…you’re making me want one even more now!
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