Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Harvard Sweet Boutique

If you’re looking to get something sweet for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, you have to try Harvard Sweet Boutique! Harvard Sweet Boutique is an online boutique where you can find delicious cookies, brownies, toffee and more for your loved ones. You can choose from some of their gift boxes {including ones made specifically with Valentine’s Day in mind!} or you can customize your own package, choosing from lots of different flavors to find just the right gift!

deluxe gift collection

Everything they sell is made from scratch & by hand, using the freshest ingredients. The products are all natural and include great ingredients like rich European chocolate, double-strength vanilla extracts, premium grade nuts and fresh Grade A butter.

Harvard Sweet Boutique Box

I was recently sent a sample of their goodies to try &I loved the box it came in! I firmly believe that when you’re giving gifts, the presentation is very important, so I loved getting the sturdy {and easy to repurpose!} box and adored the giant bow on top! If you order from them, often times you can choose which box your order is delivered in so you can even pick a box that your loved one will appreciate!

Harvard Sweet Boutique Cookies

I loved that every item in the box was individually wrapped- I was hoping that it’d take us a long time to eat all of those cookies & I worried that since they were so fresh they’d go bad quickly! But since they were wrapped like that I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. It also made it harder for Shane to help himself to the cookies- although I can’t say he didn’t try!

I tried to sample them all, although Justin & Shane “forgot” to give me a bite of some of their treats. I loved everything that I tried though, and I have to say that these are some of the softest cookies I’ve ever eaten! The brownies were incredibly rich- and so, so chocolately! I think my favorite was either the Macadamia Coconut Blondie Brownie or the Buttercrunch Cookie. They were both so good!

I wanted to get a picture of Shane eating the cookies, but before I knew it, tragedy struck:


The box somehow emptied itself! Although if the chocolate covered stains on Shane’s shirt are any indication, it may have had some assistance.

If you’re looking for a truly customizable- and sweet- gift this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out Harvard Sweet Boutique!

Note: I received a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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