Track Your Activity Easily with the FitBit One {Review}

I’ve noticed that whenever I do well with weight loss, it’s thanks to tracking. Normally, I succeed by tracking what I eat- it always surprises me how quickly little bites of things add up that I often forget I’ve even taken. So since that always helps, I decided to literally step it up & try out the Fitbit One, since it helps to track your physical activity!

fitbit one

Not only does the Fitbit One track your steps and distance, but it also tracks the calories you burn & the amount of stairs you climb- and this particular version of the Fitbit even tracks your sleep habits! It times how long you sleep for as well as how many times you wake up at night. You can easily keep track of your progress with your free Fitbit account, which your Fitbit wirelessly syncs to on your computer or on select phones.


The Fitbit One is tiny & so easy to use- you just put it in the holder and clip it to your pants or bra, or put it in your pocket. All day it will track your movement, and you can easily check how close you are to your goal by pushing on the only button that it has. Just push the button repeatedly to cycle through all of the stats for the day.

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Then when it’s time for bed, take it out of the holder and put it into the wrist band so that it can track your sleep! The only time you have to be without it is when it’s charging {though it keeps a charge for several days at a time} and when you’re in water, since it can withstand some moisture but isn’t actually waterproof. {Confession: I totally forgot to unclip it from my pants one time before putting them into the washer. Somehow it survived, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.}

fitbit one app

It’s so easy to keep your information up-to-date: I used the free iPhone app {also available for Android} and whenever I opened the app in the vicinity of my Fitbit, it automatically synced the information for me. {You do have to set this up first but it’s easy.} That information is accessible within the app or on their website. With the app you can also track your food consumption for optimal success, as well as your water and sleep. You can even add friends & cheer each other on!

While I admit that I forget to use it some days, I find that on the days that I remember I really push myself to walk more. It is easier to push yourself to meet a goal when you can see your progress, and much more motivating! I’m trying to get into the habit of making it an every day thing.

Buy It: You can find the Fitbit One or any of the other Fitbit products online on their website or at various electronics retailers. Prices vary, but the Fitbit One retails for $99.99.

How do you track your food or activity?

Note: I received the Fitbit One to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    $99 is not a bad price for everything it can do. I really need this for the sleep tracking alone, maybe I could figure out what’s up with my insomnia.

    Speaking of which – you woke up 23 times! Is that normal? lol

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