Our Pull-Ups Potty Party!

I’ve been sharing our successes & set backs with potty training a lot lately, because that’s just the stage of childhood that Shane is in right now. While I never force him to sit on the potty, we’ve been trying a lot of methods to encourage him. First, we managed to get him to stop using diapers as a crutch. &Now that he’s in Pull-Ups, we’re one step closer to potty training success.

To get Shane exclusively into Pull-Ups, I started warning him shortly before we ran out of diapers that once we ran out, they were gone. He reluctantly let me put a Pull-Up on him & from then on, he was fine with ditching the diaper. So to try to get him to then ditch the Pull-Ups and go on the real potty, I started giving him a head’s up that once he had his “Potty Party”, it’d be time to start focusing on the potty.

pull-ups party

So what’s a Potty Party? Pull-Ups is encouraging families to celebrate their child’s “First Flush” with a celebration just for them. Whether it’s just you & your child with noisemakers or a full blown party, getting your child excited about using the potty is the first step to potty training success.

Shane asked about his Potty Party every day for almost two weeks. He knew his friends would be there & that we’d be celebrating him, so he was beyond excited. He helped me stuff favor bags that we threw together with stuff that Shane picked out for his friends, and he helped me pick a dessert to bring {we went with a giant tray of brownies}. When the night before arrived, he could barely sleep & kept asking who would be at his Potty Party.

Pull-Ups Party Packs

Pull-Ups was generous enough to send me some great Potty Party packs to give our guests, including party hats & noisemakers, a coupon book with tons of savings, a voucher for a free photo book {great for recording memories of the potty party!} and some reward stickers & charts for potty training. It also had a download code for their new Pull-Ups Big Kid App which is loaded with tools, tips and games for potty training kiddos & their parents!

Potluck lunch

We did a potluck style lunch and had tons of kid favorites like mac & cheese and hot dogs! We of course had some yummy food for the grown-ups, too, like the delicious chicken salad lettuce wraps and fruit salad.

Pull-Ups Potty Party

The kids had so much fun playing with the noise blowers! All of Shane’s girl friends are already potty trained, but the boys are like Shane & are still fighting it. But everyone had fun celebrating!

Shane brownies

Shane’s favorite part, of course, was eating brownies!

So did it work? Kind of. It definitely made him realize that it’s time for him to start using the potty, but now he keeps telling me that after he has another Potty Party, he’ll start using the potty. I’m fairly certain it’s just a ploy to get another big brownie, though.

I’m sure that when he’s ready, he’ll make the switch. &You’d better believe that we’ll be celebrating then!!!

Be sure to check out Pull-Ups on Facebook for more assistance in potty-training! &Don’t forget, you can still enter the sweepstakes until February 28th to enter to win a getaway to Orlando!

Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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    We’re in the process of potty training our little stinker too. We’re officially taking the jump in a few weeks so I’m crossing my fingers I don’t turn completely gray by the end of the process! :) By the way, the horn blowers from our party “disappeared” shortly after our guests left….
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