A Sick Day

I’ve been lucky in that Shane rarely gets sick. He’s had a couple of minor colds in his life, and that’s about it. I think that’s why when he does get sick, it breaks my heart even more to see him suffering.

A couple of weeks ago, he was fighting something pretty hard. It lasted a few days, &the very first day was the sickest I’d seen him in awhile. He slept in until 11:30 {he usually gets up at 9:45 on the dot} and even then when he got up, he started to walk toward the bedroom door but then stopped to take a nap on the dog’s “bed” {the comforter that she has claimed as her own}.

kid sick on floor

The poor kid was so tired that he didn’t even have the strength to go downstairs. He told me his legs were going slow because he was tired, and said that he needed to lay back in bed. Usually, getting Shane into bed is an epic struggle, so to hear him ask to go to bed was a huge red flag! So we got back into bed & under the covers, and I made sure he had plenty of liquids & Kleenex for his alternately stuffed up & runny nose while we watched a Rugrats marathon. I let him play with his LeapPad in bed, and I finally got him to eat a granola bar a couple of hours into the day. Finally, at around 3pm, he was ready to get out of bed & play.

At that point, he was like a brand new kid! He started running around the house in circles, literally, to show me how his legs were moving fast now because he wasn’t tired anymore. He acted just fine the rest of the night, except for the occasional need for a tissue, and it went on like that for almost a week until finally the sniffles were gone &he was back to normal!

He never did get truly sick, but that first day I was sure he was getting a nasty cold. But even though he didn’t, I was prepared to build forts under the sheets & make shadow puppets, read stories & watch Disney movies. Now that I think about it, maybe I should get a cold…

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    My son has only been really sick once in his 10 year and that was with the rotovirus. He was lethargic and so frail. But he has always, always, been great about staying hydrated, so he didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital as long as he didn’t get dehydrated. But it scared us, to see him that sick. We so hate it when our babies are sick. Glad your son is feeling better!
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