Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Stationery from Wedding Paper Divas!

When planning a wedding, there are so, so many things to decide on. You have to pick a venue, a dress, a menu, a cake, a wedding color, a florist, and music. Depending on your venue, you may have to choose a florist, a DJ or entertainer, a caterer, and an Officiant. Every single one of those things matters & impacts your day, but I think that one of the very, very most important that you will choose is your stationery.

It all starts with your Save the Date cards. These cards act as the announcement and are the very first impression your guests get of your wedding. If you are having a casual, fun, or DIY wedding, this is a great time to set that tone. Something very formal & elegant? You can go that route, too. Our save the date cards are somewhere in between- just like our wedding. We chose the cards below that we found at Wedding Paper Divas:

at last preview

I loved these cards because they represent us so well. First of all, the blue on some of the writing is the same blue as our wedding color. But more importantly- the “At Last” was my way of making fun of the ridiculously long time we’ve been together {it’ll be 8 & a half years by the time we tie the knot in March}. The cards are postcards, showing that we’re casual & modern, but the font & what is written is pretty formal, showing that our wedding is going to be a pretty beautiful event.

Another reason that attractive Save the Dates are important? They often end up on the recipient’s fridge so that they remember to make arrangements. Send them an ugly Save the Date, and they’ll have to stare at it every time they go to get ice cream from the freezer.

embossed envelope

{This normally has our address on the top but I removed it in the photo for this post.}

The next piece of stationery is, of course, your invitations. We ordered some beautiful ones, but I didn’t want to ruin them by stamping them with some giant return address labels. So I was really excited to get a custom embosser from Wedding Paper Divas! The embosser has our last initial on it {conveniently, both my maiden name & soon-to-be married name start with “F”, allowing me to get just one initial to represent us both} and our return address, that way any invitations with the wrong addresses can be returned, but I also don’t have to ruin the look of the invites.


I have to admit- I had NO idea how an embosser worked until recently. I knew that the paper was raised up after it was embossed, but I couldn’t figure out how. For those of you who know, you’re probably TOTALLY laughing at me right now, but for those who don’t, the embosser pushes the paper upwards. So the raised design isn’t an addition to the envelope, it’s the paper from underneath having been pushed up above the rest. Now that I know, I’m doing a mental forehead smack for having not known that, but oh well. I’m still impressed!

bridal shower thank you notes

Finally, you need to have thank you cards that show your guests how truly grateful you are for them having shared your special day. You also need thank you cards for wedding-related events, such as bridal showers or bachelorette parties. I found the most beautiful & perfect thank you notes for my bridal shower at WPD that were just so “me”- I love the chalk look, and the design is just stunning. I can’t wait to send these out!

So whether you’re looking for wedding invitations or Save the Dates, a custom stamp or embosser for everyday use, or thank you cards to show your gratitude, be sure to check out Wedding Paper Divas!

Note: I received thank you cards & the custom embosser to facilitate this review. {The Save the Dates were purchased prior to this partnership on our own accord.} All opinions are my own.

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  1. Christine says

    Wedding Paper Divas has the best selection of traditional as well as unique invitations. They have an awesome process of approving the first invitation that ensures you get the invite perfect the first time.

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