Saving Time in the Kitchen with my Maytag Appliances #MaytagMoms

I am all about shortcuts. Whether it’s a more efficient cleaning product that cuts down on my elbow grease or an ingredient that allows me to skip steps of a recipe, I’m constantly looking for ways to make life easier. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just have so much to do & not much time to do it. Plus, I have a three year old who wants pretty near constant attention & gets upset if I spend too long doing something.

&Maytag gets that. They have built shortcuts into all of their products that allow me to spend less time in the kitchen & more time with my son. I have to say that upgrading my appliances has been one of the biggest and most immediate ways that I’ve managed to save time & effort in the kitchen.

Maytag Fridge Water autopour

My Maytag Oven saves me time in the kitchen with it’s quick-heating burners. It only takes a few short minutes for my water to boil, and the power of those burners has cut cooking time way down. Even my fridge has shortcuts- the auto-dispense feature on my fridge allows me to push a button & then walk away, only to return to a full glass of clean, purified water. I often use that time to finish making whatever meal we’re about to eat or to straighten up the counter a little. It only takes a few seconds, but I still love that it allows me to multitask.

Maytag dishwasher

My dishwasher saves me SO much time. I have always been the type to casually rinse off dishes but not actually scrub them, since that’s the whole point of having a dishwasher. With my old one, that sometimes meant running a dish through & then finding gunk left over on a plate or a bowl, which meant then I had to scrub it & then re-run it in the dishwasher. That’s no longer the case. I still just casually rinse {if I even do that} and so far I haven’t had any dishes come out with anything left on them. At all. Thanks to the Jet Clean Plus Steam feature, I’m able to just put them in & forget them. The dishwasher also has an adjustable rack, which means bigger dishes that I used to have to hand wash due to their size now fit in perfectly. &Check out the glass lid above- there are no water spots- a huge deal since every single dish I had used to have them.

heating up leftovers in a maytag microwave sensor heat

The REAL star of the show as far as shortcuts go is the microwave. After all, what is a microwave but a giant shortcut? But this one is especially efficient. First of all, the WideGlide tray inside moves back & forth instead of rotating in a circle. Why is this important? Because it means you can microwave an entire casserole dish inside. That’s huge. It also has a shelf inside, which allows you to heat two things at once, cutting down on time spent in the kitchen. Another great set-it-and-forget-it feature is the sensor reheat feature. If you are warming up leftovers, you can set the microwave to sensor &it will sense exactly how much to microwave your food. It adjusts the power levels & time for you, and all you have to do is push start. I have NO idea how this works, but so far my food has come out the perfect temperature every single time. I showed my entire process in the photo above- I literally just take the leftovers out of the fridge, pop them into the microwave, and hit one button. Then I can go about making the rest of lunch while I wait!

I have been so happy with my Maytag appliances. Some of them took a little bit of getting used to just because I was so used to my old stuff {I had to relearn how to load the dishwasher, but I can fit more in now, and the commands for the microwave are different but there are more of them} but I’m finally fully adjusted. Every appliance has it’s own way of making my life easier & I can really depend on all of them, which is definitely more than I can say for my old set. It’s crazy to see how far appliances have come since I was a kid- and I can’t wait to see what Maytag thinks of next!

You can learn more about Maytag appliances {including where to get them} on their website- or follow them on Twitter & Facebook!

Note: I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consultingon behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.

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