{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: January Recap!

I can’t believe this month is just about over! I’m actually kind of glad though, only because that means we’re that much closer to the wedding {53 days in fact}! Before jumping into February, I thought I’d take a minute to look back at this last month!

{Ps. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen almost all of these. Just pretend they’re new &exciting.}

new years eve playing pool

This was technically December since it was New Year’s Eve, but my boys were looking so handsome that I had to share it!

angry birds towel

Shane fell in love with his new Angry Birds towel- it even got him to take a bath without too much fighting!

coffee gift basket

I surprised my brother with a coffee & chocolate gift basket & he made this face. You can enter to win the same gift basket, but I had to repost this picture because it was worth repeating!

dad and son reading

Daddy & Shane cuddled up in bed reading stories

dad and son

Justin was way happier than he looks, promise.

foggy day

It was super foggy the other day- a rarity for Vegas!


Our new favorite treat is making popcorn the old fashioned way! It’s so much yummier!


Justin got off from work early one day so we met at Famous Dave’s where Shane fell in love with this giant bear. He asked to go back & visit it for three days afterwards.

Iron Man

Shane found his Ironman costume & wore it for two days straight. Including the night in between the two days.

love story

I am totally obsessed with this pillow that I bought on a whim! I almost never buy anything so you can really tell how much I love it.

stamping and addressing wedding invitations

I spent all day today stamping & addressing envelopes and I’m only about 1/3 of the way done. And that’s after spending over 4 hours already assembling the invitations. I’ll be SO glad when this part is over!

What was your favorite moment this month?

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  1. I would have to say we had several-one being our butterflies emerged. (Super exciting) and my 6 year old hit millionaire status in the school AR reading program. Praise God for that one!

    PS The countdown has begun. So exciting!!!
    Marina recently posted..{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Exquisite Beauty

  2. Looks like you guys had a great month. I’m ready for it to be done to, but I’m just ready for spring to be that much closer.
    Elizabeth Atwood recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Project Life 365 #Guest

  3. I love the pic of them reading together in bed! Shane is so adorable, although he probably didn’t smell too great after wearing that costume for two days (and a night)! LOL! Aren’t kids great?!
    Kay M. recently posted..WW ~ The Moon In The Trees

  4. Your brother’s expression is awesome!! I love that pillow, too!

    You have two handsome men in your life, I am sure you know how lucky you are!

    Less than 2 months until the wedding is EXCITING!!! Congrats!
    Sara Phillips recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Graffiti Run 2013

  5. Carolyn G says:

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing your month with us

  6. What great shots! I LOVE that iron man one, so darn cute and reminds me of when my son was batman for half a year, long long ago :)
    Henrietta recently posted..{almost} Wordless Wednesday – My Son and his Daughter #ww

  7. Great photos! I love the Iron Man costume story! Sounds like something our little guy would do, too! HAHA! Your brother’s face is priceless!!
    April G recently posted..Sibling Love – Wordless Wednesday (w/ Linky)

  8. What a fun start to 2013! OMG I remember having to do the wedding invitations, it was the most tedious part! Bleh, lol. You’ll be so happy when it’s done!
    Stacie @ Staying Me recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Cat Perch

  9. Looks like a pretty busy and fun month!

  10. Great shots, I LOVE your little Iron Man haha! And we do our popcorn the same way… it tastes MUCH better!

  11. I love Iron Man so can understand your son wearing his costume. LOL. Seems like you had a fun January
    Onica {MommyFactor} recently posted..Choosing A Kindergarten – Wordless Wednesday

  12. Looks like a great January.

  13. Love seeing the whole month in pictures. If I can find the time tonight, I may go through my January photos and do this tomorrow. :)
    Donna recently posted..Crazy Hair Day 2013 – #WW

  14. That is a huge thing of coffee
    Meghan @JaMonkey recently posted..Beautiful Creatures Meeting #WW

  15. Love the angry bird towel!!

  16. I love that pillow too!
    Jenn recently posted..Kids and Technology Addiction Infographic

  17. That iron man costume picture is killing me. Adorable and oh so fun! My boys are all about dressing up right now too!
    Laura Grace Andry recently posted..Brotherly Love

  18. Awesome post!

  19. Love this! Looks like you have had a wonderful month so far!

  20. Looks like January was a great month for your family.
    Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy recently posted..Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Reinvented Around Me

  21. I guess you struck gold with that gift for your brother! lol
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..How Do You Find a Friend Trusted Handyman?

  22. Great pictures! I love the one of Shane in his Iron Man costume too cute!

  23. I sure don’t like the fog, esp. if I’m driving.

    THe party is going to be fun!!

  24. I love that pillow!
    Lisa recently posted..Escape From Planet Earth Movie Giveaway

  25. Great recap! Looks like you all are having a fun start to 2013.
    Mellisa recently posted..Baked Buffalo Wings

  26. Loved reliving the month with ya. Shane looks so cute in his Iron Man costume – my girls dress like princesses almost every day.
    Danielle H recently posted..Never Wordless Wednesday: 5 Month Comparison

  27. Aww.. I can’t wait to see you all prettied up for the big day. :) Love little man with his Iron Man costume. lol And the look on your brother’s face is priceless… one of my twins LOVES coffee too.. he would love that gift basket.
    Tree L. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Bye Bye Charlie #WW

  28. Love him as Iron Man! Great month!

  29. I love all the photos.

  30. It looks like you had an awesome month!
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted..Tips to Prevent Poor Oral Health for Dogs

  31. Awww I loved reading this and I have not seen these pics yet so enjoyed the pics very much so! Happy WW, a bit late, it is Thursday, right? Have a great day!
    Brandy recently posted..Women’s Nutrition and Weight Control

  32. Love the photos and that Ironman costume is awesome. I’d wear it for 2 days straight too!
    Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving recently posted..Paleo Living on a Budget: How to Create a Food Club

  33. those are such great pictures!! I bet it’s so exciting with the date getting closer. Where did you get that pillow?!
    Mimi recently posted..My New Desk and Work Space from Staples

  34. Sounds like a fun month! I guess you are going to be very busy up until the big day!

  35. What a great idea, I really need to take more pics!

  36. Your brother’s expression! ROFL! I love when people react that way to gifts, makes it so much more fun to give!
    Shane is too cute! Love his IronMan costume! :)
    I’m so excited that the wedding is nearly here!! YAY!
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Polish Dogs on a Stick- The Perfect Game Day Snack

  37. YEA! The wedding is coming close! I loved the pic of daddy reading Shane a book.
    amy recently posted..Tylers Coffee – an Acid Free Way to wake up

  38. Such great pictures!
    Courtney recently posted..Personalizing Valentine’s Day!

  39. Looks like a great start to the new year!
    Kathleen recently posted..Tips for a Stress-free Bedtime

  40. I love that pillow!!! Where did you get it?

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