Coppin’s Hallmark Gift Shop Review

Everyone has a few stores that make their heart smile. That place where you could honestly bring home just about everything on the shelves & just can’t stand to choose just one item. For me, one of those stores has always been Hallmark- I of course love their amazing cards but what really gets me is their perfect selection of collectibles, gifts and other trinkets.

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When I was given the chance to review something from Coppin’s Hallmark, my heart practically skipped a beat. Coppin’s Hallmark is an independent gift retailer that carries the items that your typical Hallmark store has- and since they’re online too, they have an even bigger selection than my local store. I had my choice of what to review, and it wasn’t easy to pick because they carry great brands like Willow Tree Figurines, Jim Shore Figurines, Wubba Nubs, and several others.

davinci beads bracelet

I ended up choosing to review a DaVinci Toggle Bracelet & three charms to go with it because I have always loved charm bracelets! I love how they become collections that you add to over time, each piece telling a story or reminding you of a certain person or event.

davinci beads

For example, the three charms that I chose to review represent my family: the one on the left is Shane’s birthstone {and coincidentally, his favorite color}, the one in the middle represents me since I’ve always been a big ocean girl {I mean, my name is even Shell} and since Justin’s birthstone was just another shade of green, I decided to go with the birthstone for March since that is when we are getting married {&which coincidentally is one of my favorite colors}!

The bracelet is great &since it comes in multiple lengths, I found one that was the perfect size for me. It looks great when I’m wearing it- simple & understated but still personal and pretty. I can’t wait to continue to add to the collection!

Be sure to check out Coppin’s Hallmark online & on Facebook!

What type of charm would represent you?

Note: I received the bracelet & charms to facilitate this review. All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

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  1. Maryann D. says

    I love the bracelet and the beautiful charms. The colors are wonderful. This would make a terrific gift (I would want it). I would love to get a cat charm, since I do love cats!

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