What Scent Reminds You of the Holidays?

What is the most memorable holiday scent from your childhood? Is it pine from the live Christmas trees you cut down as a family, or the smell of turkey or ham in the oven on Christmas day?

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My family had several holiday traditions, but most of them didn’t involve scent. We always used a fake tree which didn’t smell like anything, and watching our favorite Christmas movies didn’t come with any particular scents either. So the scent that I most associate with the holidays is definitely that of sugar cookies in the oven!

Every year, my Mom & I {and occasionally my younger brother} would make dozens of cut-out cookies to share with our family & to leave out for Santa. I always looked forward to the day that we’d make cookies because we waited until the 22nd or 23rd so the cookies would be fresh for Santa, and so baking cookies meant Christmas was almost here! I used to love pouring homemade icing {1 part water to about a million parts powdered sugar} onto the cookies & watching it drip off before adding far too many sprinkles.

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Every day until December 17th, Febreze is asking a holiday-related question for their Memory List on their Facebook wall every day. Today’s question is “Take a deep breath and share the most memorable holiday SCENT from your childhood!” Be sure to check in tomorrow to see the new question & share your thoughts on their page! Febreze will be collecting the Top 10 best holiday memories from their fans so be sure to tell them yours- they may add it to the list!

What scent reminds you of the holidays?

Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Febreze. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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