Make Mobile Media Come to Life with the 3M Mobile Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S!

This review is brought to you by our newest reviewer, Heather!

This holiday was no different than any other in recent memory – my grandmother started the dinner discussion by hounding me for pictures of the kids. Even though I print her a photo book each year that showcases the best pictures of the kids, she still wants “prints.” And since she does not have a computer, she is not privy to the excessive amounts of videos and pictures that I share with family members on a weekly basis. This year I had a secret weapon in my back pocket…literally.

When she started complaining that I hadn’t sent her any prints lately (as the most recent beautiful bound book of photos sat right next to her on the living room side table), I sat my iPhone 4S on the table. Instead of my normal bumper case, my phone was encased in the 3M Projector case. With the press of a button, video of the boys projected clearly on the wall, complete with the clear audio that comes standard with my phone. The family enjoyed a chuckle as they watched videos and a picture slideshow of the boys.
Before the phone projector, my family would sit huddled around my phone, passing it around for a clearer view of the video/picture/text I wanted to share. With the 3M Projector Sleeve, my whole family was able to share in the experience all at once, laughing and smiling at the images together without vying for the best viewing position.
While the family viewing options with the 3M Projector Sleeve are certainly cool, we also loved the capabilities of this pocket projector for work. As college professors, we do a lot of presenting of Keynote presentations and other documents. We used the projector last week in a meeting with some of our colleagues by projecting our work onto a blank surface, and we will certainly be bringing our projector to other meetings, as it is perfect for small gatherings.

We thought the image quality on this $229 device was excellent, and it was possible to project a clear image the size of a classroom whiteboard. While 3M suggests the intended use of this device is for small groups, I think they are underestimating the quality of their product. I could see using the projector with my college class of 30 students if we were having a technology glitch. The technology from 3M is certainly in place for large-scale projection, especially if you follow general rules in terms of color choice and size of the print for presentations (as you should do for any presentation). My only concern for classroom use would be with the sound quality of the iPhone, which would be easily solved with a set of portable speakers.

As a perk, the 3M Projector Sleeve also serves as a phone charger. When my family was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy earlier this year, I managed to go through my phone battery in the first 6 hours checking the Weather Channel for updates. This sleeve would have been really useful at that point, as I had to ride out the end of the storm without any contact with the outside world.

Buy It: The 3M projector sleeve is available for the iPhone 4/4S at retailers such as Amazon, Target, Staples, and Office Depot.

Heather blogs about crafting while raising her two toddler boys at Diapered Daze and Knights. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Charlotte Raynor says

    I really like this idea. A friend gave me her gently used iPhone 4 for Christmas, so this would be really cool to get for it. You don’t mention how much it costs. That might be the only stopping point.Thanks for sharing with us!

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