International Delight Light Iced Coffee: My Secret Weapon! #LightIcedCoffee

If you follow me on any social media channels, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to be the most active from 10pm-4am PST. Those are my “office hours”- and it’s one of the best & worst things about being a professional blogger. Since I work from home & for myself, I can set my own hours & work when I want, which means I can dedicate my days to spending time with my son and then work while he sleeps. The problem is, it’s still 10pm-4am. &A lot of the time, I’m tired, and very, very unmotivated.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee flavors

But I have a secret weapon: International Delight Iced Coffee! Back in February, I shared my tasting party with you & since then, I’ve been completely hooked. I even made amazing Almond Mocha Bars over the summer using it which were a huge hit!  The International Delight Iced Coffee is perfect for me because I love coffee, and while Justin drinks his black, I pretty much drink mine so full of creamer it’s almost white. But with International Delight Iced Coffee, I don’t even have to mix it {which, let’s be honest, is not always successful- I add too much or too little creamer more often than not} or mess with the Keurig- I just pour it straight from the carton &it’s ready!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee pouring

The one thing that hasn’t been ideal about the Iced Coffee though was the calorie count. While comparable or even better than most coffee shop drinks {the ones I actually like anyway}, they still had a lot of calories. &Since I’m getting married in March, I’ve been trying to cut calories wherever possible. I even went a little over a month without my beloved iced coffee- and I’m telling you, I missed it a lot.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee nutrition facts

That’s why I’m so excited about the NEW Light version! With only 100 calories in each serving & available in both Mocha & Vanilla, this is perfection. To me, the light version tastes the same as the original but with 1/3 of the calories- it kind of seems like an easy choice if you ask me!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee me time

International Delight Light Iced Coffee is the perfect drink for any iced coffee lover, whether you’re just at home enjoying it {I like to grab some “me time” by drinking it by the Christmas tree while everyone’s in bed- it’s just such a peaceful moment!} or are on the run, whether it be to work or soccer practice. There’s no mixing involved so it only takes a second to grab! &It’ll save you not only time but also money over the coffee shop- you can get 8 servings for the cost of one overpriced coffee shop iced coffee. Just check out the widget in my sidebar to see how much I’ve saved since I discovered the new Light version!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee will be available at Walmart beginning on January 21st. You can learn more about International Delight on their website {where you can sign up to get a coupon}, Twitter or Facebook. &Be sure to check out the new Light Iced Coffee at your local Walmart or other grocery store- find it in the milk aisle!

How do you take your coffee?

Note: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollective Bias® and WhiteWave #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own.

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  1. Karen Medlin says:

    thanks for sharing your secret weapon, I have seen this in the stores lately and have yet to give it a try… I tend to stop off at the local gas station for my iced coffee fix, I will give this a try. it will be saving me money if I can buy it in the carton to keep at home, instead of running out to get my fix

  2. i’ve seen this in stores but I haven’t bought any yet. Thought about it but haven’t. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it
    Jennifer recently posted..Win Your Way with ShopYourWay Rewards #winyourway

  3. That looks so delicious! I love the photo in front of the tree, so pretty.
    Beeb Ashcroft recently posted..$50 Gift Card Giveaway at Susie’s Coupons

  4. I like international delight too so I am glad to see a light version.
    Pam recently posted..Holiday Baking Series – Peanut Butter Kisses

  5. I love this stuff. Great iced coffee, lower price and all I have to do is pour it.
    Rachel recently posted..Merry Christmas

  6. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. If I buy a carton, it doesn’t last very long. :)
    Stefani recently posted..Sumo Omni Bean Bag Chair Review

  7. I love the regular iced coffee, and I am going to have to look for the light variety!
    Anne recently posted..Simplifying Meal Planning Next Year with eMeals

  8. Jennifer Jordan says:

    I cannot wait to try this. I love iced coffee.

  9. I’m going to check this out it looks so delicious !

  10. My goodness, with the office hours you keep you definitely need a daily pick-me-up. So glad that you’ll be able to indulge in your favorite drink again with the lighter version coming out! :)
    Sara @ The Football Wife recently posted..Holiday Sleepover Success Begins with GoodNites #HuggiesWalmart


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