Making Family Memories with the 3M Mobile Projector!

Justin & I both love technology. Justin likes to build computers and spends hours researching hard drives, while I like the smaller stuff: video cameras, digital cameras, beauty gadgets and of course, my beloved iPhone. I recently had the chance to test drive the 3M Mobile Projector that works with said iPhone & it has been so much fun to use!

3M Mobile Projector

When the projector came, I didn’t even need to read the directions. It came with a plug to charge it and a plug to connect it to the iPhone, and it was easy to tell which was which. The buttons were very self-explanatory and the focus dial was easy to find as well. This gadget would be perfect for even the least tech-savvy- in fact, even Shane figured out how to work it after the first day!


We used the projector as a special treat for Shane, and allowed him to watch 15 minutes of his favorite shows before bed- on our ceiling. He’s been pretty rowdy at bedtime lately, so we decided to try rewarding him for getting ready without fuss and it’s been working! Watching an episode of Wonder Pets or Higglytown Heroes is so much more special and memorable when the lights are out & you are watching it on the ceiling as a family! He’s also really enjoyed watching videos of himself that I’ve taken on my phone.


One of his favorite things about using the projector is that he gets to hold it since it’s super lightweight. The first few nights he was a little too excited to be holding it & decided to see how the show would look on each wall, the floor, and while going around in circles. {If you’re going to be watching it for awhile- or at least not on the ceiling- the unit has a built-in flip stand to hold itself up while you watch so you don’t have to hold it!}

There are a ton of things you can do with the mobile projector, like watch home videos, look at photos, or even watch a movie! The projector is compatible with Apple products, including all iPhones, iPod Touch, iPod Nano {Generations 3-6}, iPod Classic, iPad and iPad2. If you get an extra cable for your iPad2, you can do even more- you can output a mirrored image of your screen so that you can make your favorite apps or games giant and enjoy them with your whole family! If you want to use it with your laptop, computer, DVD player or gaming console, you can do that too- you just have to get an extra cable.

top of projector

While we’ve only been using it at bedtime, I’ve been wanting to do an outdoor movie night in our backyard! This little tiny screen projects an image up to 80” diagonally, which means it’d be easy for all of us to watch a movie together at our own private “drive-in” movie! The only reason we haven’t done this is that it’s still too hot outside, but Shane would love it so much that I may have to just do it anyway before we return the projector!

The projector has built in speakers, so you don’t have to rely on the audio from your phone which definitely wouldn’t be loud enough for a group of people. The speakers on the projector are pretty decent, and are loud enough for me to watch TV with Shane & Justin without any of us straining to hear. If you’re having a larger party share the unit, though, I’d recommend plugging in some external speakers, which you can easily do as there’s a place to plug them in right on the projector.


The battery lasts for 2 hours when fully charged- but one of my favorite features of the projector is that you can charge the unit while you use it! There are separate plugs for charging it & connecting it to your gadget, so if you are enjoying it near an outlet you can use it for an unlimited amount of time! Even if you’re not {like if you’re outside}, 2 hours is long enough to watch most movies! {Make sure your iPhone or whatever gadget you’re using is fully charged though as it can’t charge that!}

We made some end-of-summer memories “camping” in our bedroom watching our home movies & favorite shows on the ceiling! No matter what you’re thinking of using it for, I’d recommend the projector. The quality is phenomenal, it’s easy to use, and you can’t put a price on memories!

Buy It: You can find the 3M Mobile Projector for the MSRP of $299.99 at many stores including Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon- but if you order it from Target you’ll get a $25 iTunes gift card with your purchase!

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What gadgets are you obsessed with?

Note: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  6. I want to try one of these to see if I like it. I take so many pictures and videos this might be fun.
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  7. I saw these projectors at BlogHer when I went to the super fun MomCentral party. They are so cool!!
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  8. I don’t have any real obsessions at this time, but… this gadget looks awesome. I love watching TV lying down but hate the crick in my neck from propping my head up to see. so watching TV on the ceiling- amazing!
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  9. That’s pretty awesome!
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  10. Ok, at first when I saw that top picture I was like, is that the only white space you have? lol Then I realized you had the brilliant idea of having Shane watch it in bed!! I love it! Sounds like the battery last long enough for a full length movie!! I’m a gadget girl myself!!
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