Guest Post: This is Why Cleaning Can Be Fun!

Every household has to get it done, some people love it and some people hate it. Regardless of your position, thousands of people have come up with some fantastic ways of trying to motivate individual’s daily/weekly/monthly cleaning routines.

The first modern fun cleaning craze has evolved around the game of hide and seek and the old family favourite treasure hunt game. The cleaner must record items that have been missing for a long time or items that need locating every week. Then when it’s cleaning day, the aim is to clean every room to try and find as many of the items on the list as possible, this has now become a craze that the whole family can enjoy. There are even parents rewarding children for cleaning and finding lost photos and memory cards! The game is great if you also want to declutter your home, freeing up space can often give you a fresh look at the space you have in your home.

My findings

The cleaning supplies work out!

When you are cleaning have you ever considered working out with your cleaning tools/products? Well if you haven’t then you need to watch the video below, while you clean in your laundry room, bathroom or kitchen you or even dust you can be conditioning your body with an express workout. Some people have incorporated these new cleaning techniques into their daily routines, providing them with the daily workout they need to manage their weight and or figure. It might not be for everyone but take a look and see what you think:

Dusting Dancing

If you don’t feel like grabbing your entire cleaning cupboard all at once consider the dusting dance workout! Grab your iPod and select your favourite songs, then grab your feather duster and start wiping all the surfaces in your home, the fire place, the table even those white roman blinds should be dusted whilst you bop around the house. The great thing about dust dancing is that anyone can do it and it is a great cardio workout, it really makes you get out of breath!

Cleaning can be both fun and a grueling workout, depending on your energy level of course. If you have seen any other great ways to make cleaning more fun in the home please share them and get the mums and dads of the world loving cleaning all over again.

This Post was created by Karl Young on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness a leading online supplier of exercise equipment and sports nutrition.

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  1. Sarah Lee says

    I love cleaning now a days, I got a automatic vacuum cleaner a couple of months back and it’s the best thing ever :P now I hoover every 2-3 days, while I’m in work… amazing stuff ;)

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