Pack a Snack the Green Way with eco∙ditty

Every night, before I go to bed, I make Justin’s lunch. Usually Sometimes he has PB&J, other times it’s a turkey sandwich, and sometimes it’s something more creative, like a roasted veggie & hummus sandwich or even a mini English muffin pizza. Add to that a few snacks and, if I was using regular plastic sandwich baggies, I’d be putting pounds of waste into landfills each year, just by packing his lunch.

eco ditty reusable snack and sandwich bags

We’ve used other eco-friendly options in the past for storing Justin’s lunch items, but I haven’t liked any of them as much as I like our newest discovery, the eco∙ditty! Made of 100% organic cotton, the eco∙ditty brand offers both snack∙ditty bags and wich∙ditty bags, for-you guessed it- snacks and sandwiches, respectively. The difference between the two is the size: the snack∙ditty is 6×4 inches & the wich∙ditty is 7.25x 6 inches.

Both items are great because:

-They’re versatile: you can carry whatever you want or need to in them. You can pack dry snacks like crackers or perishables like apple slices.

-They’re BPA and PVC free, so you don’t ingest any unwanted plastic chemicals with your PB&J.

-They come in great designs and colors, and are printed with low-impact inks & dyes.

-Washing them is easy & convenient- you can wash them by hand, in the washing machine or in the dishwasher!

-They’re velcro, so if your snack is a little bigger than usual you can adjust the closure accordingly to contain it without spilling.

-They’re affordable: snack∙ditty bags are $9.99 each and wich∙ditty bags are $13.99 each. That’s a great value already, but when you consider how much you’re saving by not purchasing plastic baggies it’s even better!

eco ditty color your own

As a bonus, they have a Color Your Own that comes with three markers & makes for a fun craft project! Shane is always happy when I pack his snack in the eco∙ditty that he designed!

eco∙ditty products are available at several online & brick-and-mortar retailers- you can view the store locator here. You can also order them online directly from eco∙ditty or on Amazon!

Who do you pack lunches for?

Susie’s Note: I received the items mentioned to faciliate this review. All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thallia says

    This is actually a great idea and I know kids would definitely love this so much.. I think I should check this out and get one or two for me..

  2. Jennifet Reynolds says

    Love the eco ditty snack bags. My daughter is in pre k and takes a snack daily this would be a great for her!

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