Review: New Cesar Cookie Crunchies Dog Biscuits!

Before I had Shane, Bella Notte was my baby. We would spend an hour a night at the dog park, hanging out with our friends and letting her burn off some puppy energy. I would take her to the do-it-yourself groomer where we would inevitably make a huge mess & get dirty looks from the owner as Bella hates hoses. &We even stopped at doggie bakeries whenever we passed them to stop in for the best dog treats I could treat Bella to.

dog park

Since having Shane, things have changed. Bella is too crazy & hyper to take to the park while I have Shane in tow, and since moving the dog park is very far away, so the extent of her exercise is a brisk walk a couple of times a week & a daily run-like-a-maniac session in the backyard. She no longer goes on car trips with me {it makes me nervous when I have Shane in the car as she never sits still} and whenever I pass a doggie bakery, the thought of going in to get something nice for Bella is immediately shot down by my remembering the steps it takes to get into a store with a two year old. But even though Bella isn’t quite as spoiled as she used to be, I do still love her & try to show it as often as I can.


Even though I don’t stop at doggie bakeries for dog treats that cost more than a latte anymore, I do still give Bella a nightly treat. We’ve tried a variety of brands & flavors, but the most recent one we tried was the Cesar Cookie Crunchies- and she’s hooked!

cookie crunchies cesar

Available in both Rotisserie Chicken & Filet Mignon flavors, the new Cookie Crunchies are baked treats for small dogs & medium sized ones like Bella. &With only 10 calories per piece, it’s a treat that you can feel good about giving to your pup.

While I definitely didn’t try these myself, I know Bella’s a fan. She’s not particularly picky anyway, but with these- she jumped up ONTO THE COUNTER to snag the bag when I wasn’t looking. Luckily I caught her before she managed to work the resealable packaging, but that right there told me they were a hit.


{She’s trying to look innocent- but I’m not buying it.}

Bella may not be my only baby anymore, but she’s still my fur-baby!

{You can learn more about the Cesar Cookie Crunchies on their website!}

How do you spoil your pup?

Susie’s Note: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Born27 says

    surely my dog will love this cookies too! I still don’t know if it’s already available here.. I’ll try to look for this in the supermarket.

  2. Heidi19 says

    Hi Shell! your dog is so adorable and she looks healthy. I’m so excited to try this Cesar Cookies for my little dog and i’m sure that she will love this.Thanks for the share!

  3. says

    My dog has suffered the same fate after we had our daughter. I don’t worry so much about him at the dog parks, but I don’t like taking my daughter to them because of the other dogs. He pulls too much on the leash for us to all go for a walk… you know the story! These treats seem like the perfect way to show we still love them :) Thanks for sharing.
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