A Bathroom Makeover {Featuring #GELighting!}

Justin has a thing about lighting. Before we had even unpacked our boxes when we moved into our house, he went to the store & picked up a new entryway light fixture & a new chandelier. Since then, we’ve upgraded the lighting in our Master Bath, and when we did our Powder Room/Laundry Room Makeover last year, that room got an upgrade as well. But Shane’s poor bathroom has been sadly neglected- until now!

Last week, we decided to upgrade Shane’s lighting fixture, and per usual, it didn’t stop there.


We picked up a new bath rug, since the one that was in there was a hand-me-down from ours & was way too wide for the space in his tiny little bathroom. It didn’t fit right & left a lot of space unprotected from Shane’s splashes from the tub!

We also picked up a towel bar, since his has been broken for, well, several months. I had been using the brackets for hooks instead until one of those fell off {onto my foot- that was fun}. Ready for the before & after?

Rug Before and After

Towel Bar Before and After

Lighting Before and After

It’s not that easy to tell from the photos, but the lighting fixture makes a drastic change in the room! It doesn’t feel like a neglected room anymore, and it actually matches all of the other bathrooms finally. &Giving Shane a bath has been so much easier now- the room has better lighting, there’s actually a towel bar, and the rug catches {most of} his splashes!

Lightbulb options

Since we were upgrading our light fixture, we decided to upgrade our bulbs, too. There were SO many options to choose from at Walmart- I don’t even know what half of those bulbs are used for! {You can check out all of the options I found & all of the other stuff that distracted me at the store in my Google+ album!}


We use the Energy Smart bulbs everywhere in our house as they put out less heat & save a lot in energy costs. In fact, if every U.S. Household replaced just one bulb with an Energy Smart bulb, we’d collectively save a total of $600 million per year in energy costs! In fact, I used the GE Energy Smart CFL Savings Calculator to figure out how much I’m saving by using those bulbs, and just for the three in the bathroom, I’m saving $19.71 per year- which is $108 over the life of the bulbs since they last so long!

Having bulbs that save us money is really helpful, especially now that it’s Summer & we’re running the AC all the time. We’re always on the lookout for more ways to save money & energy, so here are a couple we’ve found:

  • Make sure you turn the light off when you leave the room.
  • Unplug any appliances you can- even when they’re turned off, they can still use electricity. Do you really need your toaster, blow dryer or cell phone charger plugged in all day
  • Lower the thermostat of your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Wash when  loads are actually full: both in the dishwasher & the washing machine.

If you’re ready to switch your lightbulbs, be sure to download your coupon for $1.00 off any  GE Energy Smart CFL lighting product!

Be sure to check out GE’s website & follow them on Facebook & Twitter for more energy saving info!

How do you save energy?

Susie’s Note: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and GE. #CBias #SocialFabric All experiences are authentic & all opinions are my own.

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    Love your new bathroom light! Looks great!


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