Save Money & Trees by Renting Your Textbooks!

Whether you’ve gone to college, are in college now, or have a child or family member in college, you know how expensive textbooks can be. Those massive tomes can cost several hundred dollars each, and usually only get used for 4 months. &Then there’s the eco-conscious factor: how many trees do you think are killed each year just for textbooks?

There’s a way to save both trees & money- by renting textbooks! Rather than spending hundreds on your textbook, you can pay a fraction of the cost to rent it. &When you’re done with the semester, you just send it back and someone else can use it- saving new books from needing to be made!

When I was in school, I used CampusBookRentals to rent my books. Their prices are 40-90% off the publisher’s price- a REALLY big discount that adds up, especially when you need 4-5 books per semester! For example, the newest version of the Psychology 101 book that I rented is listed for a rental fee of $18.18 per semester- but to buy it, it’d be $178.95!


They also have free shipping both ways, and flexible rental periods in case your semester starts early or ends late, or if you just want to hold onto said Psychology 101 book a little bit longer & soak up all the information you can. {Don’t tell me I’m the only one who did that!} &Something that I just learned but that is definitely awesome is that which each textbook rental, they donate to Operation Smile, “an international children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles, forever changing their lives.”

Still have questions? Check out this funny video that’ll probably answer them: FAQ’s:

So whether your goal is to save money, save trees, or support a company that donates to a great cause, is a great choice!

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    Why do all the fun, useful school-related things happen AFTER I am done with college? I graduated in 2005. :( I think renting would have been a great idea. Each book is easily $80-$150 depending and 4-5 classes a semester x 2 semesters (and additional one if someone does summer school, as I always did) = a ton of money.

    I will have to pass this along to friends I have that are still in college. :)
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