The “Spring Fever” Event is Coming!

One of the most fun things about blogging is participating in big giveaway events. I don’t do a lot of them because I like to put a lot of effort into the ones that I do, because I look at these events as “Holidays” of sorts. I mean, I get to review some really cool items & then gain a bunch of new readers & friends by giving those same items away. I look forward to these events as if they’re another Halloween or Thanksgiving! That’s why I’m super excited to tell you all that I’ve decided to HOST one of these events!

While the event is still in the works, I thought I’d share some of the basic info with you before your calendar starts filling up so you can think about joining me in this event!

What: Spring Fever

When: April 15th-21st

Who: Up to 100 bloggers

Who Qualifies: I don’t care how big your blog is, so even if your only reader is your cat, I encourage you to apply. That said, not everyone who applies will be invited to join as I would like this to be a high-quality event. Again, this has nothing to do with the size of your blog- but some other factors will be taken into consideration when reviewing applications.

What you have to do: Obtain a giveaway package valued at $50 or more {you may assemble several packages if you’d like, but each must be valued at $50} and post the giveaway on your blog at 12:01am on April 15th.

Optional: There will be a Facebook group for the event for any questions you have and to share leads on potential giveaways, etc. so you are welcome to join that once you are approved for the event. It would also be pretty darn awesome if you’d post the button {coming soon} on your blog from now until the event but that’s up to you.

Cost: There will be a $5 entry fee per person for administrative and promotional costs. However, some of that money will also be going back to the members of the event- for example, the person who refers the most bloggers to the event will get $50 & there will be at least 1 person chosen at random from the event to win some money as well!

Notes: Payment is due 1 week prior to the event going live- however, your placement on the linky will be in the order of when you paid so pay early to secure a top spot! {My Paypal email address will be included in the approval email if you are approved.}

Questions? Email me at [email protected] anytime.

To apply, fill out the form below or click here to open the form separately. I have a day job so please allow 48 hours to hear back from me. Thanks!

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    I am curious as I see another event like this one going on how the response has been? I need to know it is worth it myself before signing up as money is tight, but this sounds like fun!

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      Hi! Sorry for the delay, I just saw this comment! As far as the other events- I participate in a similar event called ABE that just wrapped & every time I do, I gain at least several hundred followers on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ {GFC in the past but since WP will no longer have GFC soon I have deleted my widget & switched to G+}. I also saw a nice traffic bump during the event & got some pretty awesome review items as a result of the exposure we achieved as a group all promoting the same event. I anticipate the same result for this event so I’d love to have you on board if you’re interested! :)

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    Hi! I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly. Are we in charge of putting a $50 giveaway together in order to be a part of this event (if chosen). Thank you!!!

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      Yes, that is correct. It can be one big prize or a combination of little ones- whatever you would like to do! &If you need any help I’d be happy to assist you however you need it. Hope that helps!


  1. […] It costs just $5 to join- and at least 2 participating bloggers will each win $50 after the event! Woohoo! Add to that the amount of traffic, exposure and new followers this event will bring & you can’t afford to miss it! For more information or to apply, click here. […]

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