Wordless Wednesday {with Linky}: BFFs


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  1. Nice to meet you – thanks for hosting ;)
    We have an old dog, my girls have climbed all over her for years, too sweet!

  2. I love kids and their pets. happy WW.

  3. Oh how cute! My little girl tried to pick our cat up by the tail today. The cat really didn’t appreciate that. lol
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud recently posted..There’s Just No Stopping It (Wordless/Wordful Wednesday)

  4. Very cute! My son has recently starting to try ‘riding’ all our doggies, even the mini-dachshund! :)

  5. Oh my goodness – the photo is cute but I hope he doesn’t hurt the dog! :-)

    I’m hosting my first WW this week and I wanted to be sure to personally invite you to stop by and join the fun!

    Have a fabulous week!

    Create With Joy recently posted..WOYWW: ATCs, Stamps, & A Fat Cat

  6. Too cute!

  7. They are really BFF’s At first glance I though he was sitting on a toy dog then I realized it was REAL..
    Dominique @Dominique’s Desk recently posted..Bubbly Fun

  8. How sweet! And what a good dog.

  9. So sweet!
    Allison @ MIBR recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Jump, Jump!

  10. I love this photo. To Cute!!!! What a good pup.

  11. Nothing better than a boy and his dog!

  12. Hahahaha! Looks like you have a pretty awesome dog for letting him do that.

  13. It doesn’t seem like the dog is bothered in the least! lol

  14. he cracks me up!!

  15. Patient dog!

  16. Seems like i am always yelling you can’t ride the dog..lol

  17. My son and dog are BFFs too!

  18. How absolutely adorable! <3

  19. Too cute!!! Thanks for hosting today!

  20. Awww too cute!

  21. So cute!

  22. How sweet!

  23. How sweet!

  24. That picture is too cute! My son loves our one dog. He is obsessed with the dog.

  25. Very cute. I think a, “Ride’em Cowboy” is in order here.

  26. Heather says:

    Such a cute picture! I am a new follower!

  27. My girls do the same thing with our dog, except our dog is only 11 lbs. Lol.

  28. omg, what a patient puppy.

  29. What a sweet and patient dog. The two of them are going to have a great relationship!

  30. Cute! You can tell by the ears on the dog that he is only tolerating. Good doggy!

  31. Awwww so sweet! This reminds me of bebehblog- she always has cute pics of her toddler sitting on the dog :)

  32. He makes a perfect seat!

  33. Funny!! What a good and patient dog;)

  34. Cute! My toddler would definitely try to ride a dog if we had one lol

  35. What a perfect photo of those best friends.
    It’s so sweet that your dog lets him sit on him like that, what a wonderful dog. I love it.

  36. That is the cutest photo!!!

  37. An alternative to horseback riding! LOL Really cute photo!

  38. Oh I love that picture! Too sweet!

  39. nice one.

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