Something Old turns into Something New

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When Clever Girls Collective & Kroger asked me to write about something new I’ve tried, I realized- I haven’t really tried anything new in awhile.


Granted, next week I’m going on a week long vacation to a ski resort {I don’t ski} with Shane {who has never gone on vacation} and we’re driving there {and it’s a 12 hour drive}. So… that’ll be new!

But it hasn’t happened yet so I can’t really talk about it quite yet. So I thought about the last time I tried something new that drastically changed my life & came up with when I applied for Gymboree in November!

I had been taking Shane to Gymboree since July, when he was 11 months old. He and I both loved it- we loved the “mommy friends” & playmates we met, we loved the structure of the classes, &we loved going to Open Play Gym to make the most of our monthly fee. So one day when I was feeling bad about not making any money for the household, I started perusing Craigslist. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that they were hiring! But only in a group interview on a Tuesday when my mother-in-law worked & I wouldn’t have a babysitter. Drats.

I tried for three days to figure out a plan so I could go to the interview but had no luck. So on the day of the interview I took Shane to one of our friends’ houses to play with her son, who we had met at Gymboree. I mentioned- with no intention of it being a “hint”, I promise- that I was upset to be missing the interview. She basically told me I’d be a great teacher & to go while she watched Shane.

…That’s how I know she’s a good great friend.

Anyway, it was scary having to interview, especially since I knew the owner from attending classes & I knew it’d be a little bit awkward if she didn’t hire me. That & the fact that I’ve never had to “interview” for a job before had me shaking in my socks.

Two days later when I got a call-back for a one-on-one interview, I was ecstatic. I was even happier when I went to that interview on the day before Thanksgiving & was told I was hired. Score!

Now, the job doesn’t exactly make enough to support a family of three since it’s super part-time, but I mainly work there because I love it.

I love teaching little ones new concepts and helping them realize they can do things- last week a 9-month-old imitated what I showed him & his mom started crying; apparently he had never imitated anyone before and she was so happy.

I love walking in with Shane & having my “students” come up to play with me as well, not realizing “Shane’s Mom” and “Miss Shell” are basically two different people.

&I love the look in the kids’ eyes when I pull out Gymbo the clown or sing a familiar song or start blowing bubbles- that look that says “This made my week. Thank you.”

So maybe this week-long trip will be okay. After all, the last time I tried something new it turned out pretty darn awesome.

Susie’s Note:
I was compensated for writing this post but it’s all true, obv. I blogged about it while it happened. :)

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  1. says

    Congrats on your job! Having a job you enjoy makes it so much better!

    Thank you for linking up with the Explore Play and Learn blog hop. Sorry it has taken me all week to follow you back. The creepy crud decided to take up residence in my head. Now that I am feeling human again I am following and commenting. We are hopping again tomorrow and all weekend long if you want to link up again! Have a great weekend!

  2. Melander says

    This just made my day!!!! I have a group interview with Gymboree on Monday and I am REALLY looking forward to it. Your description of the interview process has not only helped me, but has gotten me super-excited!!! Thanks so much!

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